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Always an early adopter of innovative technologies, the Financial Services sector is a hotbed of activity. Many organizations are realizing that Liberty-based solutions help them meet regulatory compliance demands. The security and privacy benefits of the open Liberty standards are also key drivers in organizations’ interest in the proven Liberty standards. Given member strength and involvement in this sector, there are many additional resources available beyond the information on specific implementations.Other Liberty Financial Services Resources

American Express
Insurance Company
Austrian Citizen Card
International Banks
Automobile Financier
EBiz Mobility
Mercer Consulting
Fidelity Investments
Fidelity National Financial
University Bank
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Organization Description Technology Reach Resources
American Express Both SSO Intranet ( and Internet (American are Liberty-enabled. Productionalized federations with AEFA. Partner federations with several organizations are underway. Liberty Federation and Liberty Web Services
Austrian Citizen Card MAESTRO enables online banking with the Citizen card (see e-govt) Migrating to Liberty Federation 8 million Synergy IDABC Quarterly
Automobile Financier Web-based application Liberty Federation
EBiz Mobility Federated payments via mobile devices Liberty Federation and Liberty Web Services
Fidelity Investments Fidelity Investments has created a 401K application utilizing Liberty standards Additionally, they have created a Social Security Administration (SSA) portal, allowing direct deposit into Fidelity accounts. Liberty Federation 1 Million
Fidelity National Financial Offers products and outsourced services and solutions based on Liberty standards to financial institutions and the real estate industry. POC with Liberty Federation; moving to Liberty SSO profiles as well as B2B SSO and Web services
Insurance Company Integration with retailer to streamline processes. Liberty Federation
International Banks Internet banking applications using federation and strong authentication. Liberty Federation
Kantega Working with bank and insurance company to facilitate credit applications for electronic appliances on the Net, acting as IDP. Liberty Federation Link
Mercer Consulting The Mercer-hosted portal enables the client’s employees to perform a single sign-on (SSO) and securely access their accounts at up to 10 benefit provider websites. Liberty Federation
UNC Research project for Financial Services Organizations Liberty Federation
University Bank Midwest Loan Services subsidiary is in the process of converting an existing single sign-on application to Liberty Alliance specs. Liberty Federation SSO will “touch” several thousand retail customers.

Italics – The organization has asked to remain anonymous at this time, so we have named them only by industry type and described their sector in italics.

Liberty Federation = ID-FF 1.1, ID-FF 1.2 and SAML 2.0

Liberty Web Services = ID-WSF 1.0, ID-WSF 1.1 and ID-WSF 2.0


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