Technology Adoption Grid

Liberty Alliance’s mature specifications are also heavily referenced by
other standards organizations in the specifications they are developing.
Here we collect information about who’s doing what with Liberty
Federation and Liberty Web Services.

Open Mobile Alliance
OASIS WS-Security SAML Token Profile
Financial Services Tech Consortium
OASIS XRI: trusted resolution
Shibboleth i-SSO
3GPP TR 33.980 V7.0.0
Adoption Grid
Organization The Technology Being Referenced How the Technology is Referenced Resources
OMA = Open Mobile Alliance Federation and Web Services OMA Web Services V1.0 – refers to ID-FF 1.1
3GPP = 3rd Generation Partnership Project Web Services OMA Web Services Network Identity V1.0 – refers to ID-FF 1.2 and ID-WSF 1.1
OASIS XACML Federation 3GPP Generic User Profile (GUP); Stage 3; Network – ID-WSF 1.0/1.1

SIP Federation Uses SAML Assertions to create communication with SIP endpoints
Shibboleth Federation Shibboleth standard is built on SAML and is part of convergence in SAML 2.0
ITU-T Federation SAML 2.0 approved as ITU standard
IETF DIX Federation Profiling SAML 2.0 protocols
OASIS WS-Security SAML Token Profile Web Services Defines how SAML assertions can be used as security tokens in a web service message
Financial Services Tech Consortium Federation Defines how SAML assertions can be used as security tokens in a web service message
ETSI/TV-Anytime Federation and Web Services TV-Anytime Phase 2 profiles of ID-WSF 1.0 incorporated into ETSI work
OASIS XRI: trusted resolution Federation The iSSO protocol under development at uses XRI resolution to bootstrap usage of SAML 2.0 authentication assertions for cross-domain single sign-on. i-SSO Federation SAML-based authN and new SAML profile. Not a traditional SDO
3GPP TR 33.980 V7.0.0 Federation and Web Services Interworking of Liberty Alliance Identity Federation Framework (ID-FF), Identity Web Services Framework (ID-WSF) and Generic Authentication Architecture (GAA)–33022.htm


Liberty Federation = ID-FF 1.1, ID-FF 1.2 and SAML 2.0

Liberty Web Services = ID-WSF 1.0, ID-WSF 1.1 and ID-WSF 2.0


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