Healthcare industry players, given regulatory drivers and a keen focus on privacy and security, have recognized the advantages of Liberty-based solutions. The basic drivers of cost savings and productivity advantages have also been keenly of interest. Many different organizations are recognizing Liberty as the way in which they can finally share information safely and securely. These additional healthcare resources may be of interest as well.
Other Liberty Healthcare Resources
The Liberty Alliance: Federated Identity in HealthcareLiberty e-Prescription ScenarioResponses to Request for Information on ”Development and Adoption of a National Health Information Network” – Prepared for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
> Liberty Response
> Collaborative Response

European National Healthcare Organization
Large Health Insurance Organization
Organization Description Technology Reach Resources
European National Healthcare Organization SSO Liberty Federation
IHE Adopted Liberty Federation for part of their 2005-06 interoperability profiles. Using SAML assertions in their XUA and XDS components. Expanding use of SAML and ID-WSF for the 06-07 work. Liberty Federation and Liberty Web Services
Large Health Insurance Organization Federating systems between two states Liberty Federation

Italics – The organization has asked to remain anonymous at this time, so we have named them only by industry type and described their sector in italics.

Liberty Federation = ID-FF 1.1, ID-FF 1.2 and SAML 2.0

Liberty Web Services = ID-WSF 1.0, ID-WSF 1.1 and ID-WSF 2.0


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