Online Service Providers

Online Service Providers have recognized an opportunity to realize tremendous new business opportunities through implementing Liberty standards in their products and offerings. The standards have given them a new—more secure and more private—means of interacting with their partners and delivering new services to their customers. This is definitely one of the hottest spaces to watch in terms of exploding new business developments.

NTT Communications
Online Service Providers
Organization Description Technology Reach Resources
AOL Services based on Liberty specifications allow third-party applications to easily access and interact with AOL’s online services. For example, D-LINK used the Liberty specifications to extend access to AOL’s Internet broadcasting service, Radio@AOL, beyond the computer and into any room with a TV or stereo. Liberty Web Services 24 Million members ID-WSF presentation – AOL example – Tokyo 2005

AOL Use Case Study

Presentation from Liberty Workshop in Tokyo – October 2004

Bluewin Implemented Liberty Federation to simplify single sign-on and eliminate the need for users to input multiple pieces of information in order to enter password protected sites, as well as enhance security and improve access to third-party services. Liberty Federation 2 Million customers, largest Internet service provider in Switzerland Bluewin Case Study

Technical Description On Bluewin Service Identity Provider

Your Customers Benefit with Bluewin Identity Provider

NTT Communications Offering Single Sign On “MasterID” to Japanese subscribers Liberty Federation More than 4 Million customers
OmniBranch Canada – IDP


Liberty Federation
T-Online Net-ID Card (Netzausweis), based on Liberty specifications, for a simplified usage of the Internet. Provides unique login credentials to allow for a growing number of different services and content. Netzausweis is a complete package–not only about login (authentication), but also including a number of value added services (data vault, age verification, etc). Liberty Federation 13.82 million registered customers Presentation from Liberty Workshop in Berlin – February 2006

Putting Identity Management into practice

Wanadoo Federated micro-payment service for French online subscribers (Orange). Liberty Federation 10 Million subscribers

Italics – The organization has asked to remain anonymous at this time, so we have named them only by industry type and described their sector in italics.

Liberty Federation = ID-FF 1.1, ID-FF 1.2 and SAML 2.0

Liberty Web Services = ID-WSF 1.0, ID-WSF 1.1 and ID-WSF 2.0


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