Perhaps the most exciting sector—in terms of far reaching new business opportunities and consumer offerings due to Liberty standards—is in the telecommunications marketplace, where many of the leading players across the globe are well engaged. Exciting new customer offerings are being introduced regularly, realized through the benefits of federation and the many new service offerings that can be facilitated through open standard-based identity Web services. Watch this space for more exciting developments, and imagine what you’ll be able to achieve with your mobile device in the coming years.Other Liberty Telecommunication Documents,descCd-tableOfContents.html

Deutche Telecom
FIDELITY Research Project
Telefonica Moviles
France Telecom/Orange
Large Italian Mobile Operator
Three European Operators
Three Large US Mobile Providers
Portugese Telecommunications Company
Organization Description Technology Reach Resources
Amsoft Based in India, using SAML assertions to establish a contract bridge bewteen two endpoints from arbitrary trust domains; using a discovery network based on the Liberty Federation using XRIs. Commercial offering to be launched in Q3 2006. Liberty Federation
Deutsche Telecom Will begin rolling out location-based services based on Liberty standards near term. Working with Sun Microsystems. Liberty Federation and Liberty Web Services 80 Million users
FIDELITY Research Project Federated Identity Management based on Liberty specifications, implementing interoperability between Circles of Trust (CoTs). Focus on customer identity provision and management based on mobile telecom and Internet services, POC and interop of digital ID and authentication in a federated network and between Liberty Circles of Trust. Participating companies include Amena, Axalto, Ericsson, France Telecom, Inetsecur, Italtel, Linus, Moviquity, Oslo University, and TeliaSonera). Liberty Federation Presentation from Liberty Workshop in Chicago – July 2005
France Telecom/Orange New service offerings as well as internal cost-savings program. Allowed FT/Orange to provide a rich catalog of third party services to be available through a central service platform; simplified and harmonize the integration of a new service provider; and consolidated existing third party services catalogs accross 7 countries. Liberty Federation and Liberty Web Services 71 million subscribers, 16 countries worldwide Presentation from Liberty Workshop in Barcelona at 3GSM – February 2006

Presentation from Liberty Workshop in Paris – December 2005

Large Italian Mobile Operator Liberty Federation and Liberty Web Services
Neustar New age verification service for mobile carriers/subscribers that provides owner policy controls, authentication, single sign-on, and trusted attribute sharing for subscriber access to mobile data services. Also offer NeuLiberty, which allows its partners to issue log-in credentials and digital certificates to users–credentials which are useable in other Liberty-compliant applications. Liberty Federation Case Study
Nokia The Nokia S60 Platform, 3rd Ed. supports Liberty Web Services though its SOA for S60 component and provides easy application programming interfaces (API’s) to the Liberty Identity Web services framework. Similar support is also implemented in Nokia 9500 Communicator and Nokia 9300 Smart phones. Liberty Web Services The Nokia S60 platform enjoys close to 60% marketshare, according to Canalys, Q4 2006. This dominance in the smartphone market indicates that Liberty Web services will be widely deployed with the introduction of 3rd Edition devices. Presentation from Liberty Workshop in Barcelona at 3GSM – February 2006

Nokia Web Services Whitepaper

Mobile Web Services: Architecture and Implementation


Portugese Telecommunications Company Liberty Web Services
SoNear SoNear is a company dedicated to SIM javacard, OTA solutions for mobile operators, and helps operators to leverage their existing infrastructure using SIM card technology and OTA solutions. Have implemented a LUAD Liberty user Agent Device in a windows smartphone SPV of Orange (windows mobile) and the user profiles are stored in the SIM card. Liberty Federation and Liberty Web Services
T-Online Net-ID Card (Netzausweis), based on Liberty specifications, for a simplified usage of the Internet. Provides unique login credentials to allow for a growing number of different services and content. Netzausweis is a complete package–not only about login (authentication), but also including a number of value added services (data vault, age verification, etc). Liberty Federation 13.82 million registered customers Presentation from Liberty Workshop in Berlin – February 2006
Telefonica Moviles Serving Latin America, using Liberty specifications to offer its customers personalized and individualized experiences. Specifications are being utilized to launch new business offerings as well as to streamline existing processes. Liberty Federation and Liberty Web Services 81.4 Million customers
Telenor Strong Authentication & Federation POC via a service called SIM strong authentication service that extends the usage of GSM SIM authentication to Internet Web services. The goal of this proof-of-concept is to demonstrate the possibility of implementing innovative service in a heterogeneous environment using Liberty Alliance Federation Standard. Telenor, Axalto, Linus and Oslo University College have implementeda proof-of-concept prototype in Oslo. Liberty Web Services Whitepaper: Offering SIM Strong Authentication to Internet Services

Case Study: Offering SIM strong authentication in a Liberty Alliance Circle of Trust

Three European Operators Working with Elios to develop new subscription based services and streamline operations. Liberty Federation and Liberty Web Services 196 Million customers
Three Large US Mobile Providers Liberty Web Services More than 125 million customers
Turkcell Needed ability to enforce a stronger identity related policy in service network in order to improve subscriber privacy, enable service capabilities to 3rd Party service providers for both location-based and non-location based services without exposing the subscribers identity; and offer subscribers the ability to manage his/her federation of service providers and value-added services. Liberty Federation and Liberty Web Services Turkcell delivers value added services to more than 24.3 million subscribers and works with morethan 220 companies as service providers. Whitepaper: Turkcell: A GSM Operators Service Network and the Subscribers Identity
Vodafone Vodafone Group and Vodafone Spain. New service offerings as well as internal use to streamline operations and reduce costs. Liberty Federation and Liberty Web Services 11 Million customers as well as internal

Italics – The organization has asked to remain anonymous at this time, so we have named them only by industry type and described their sector in italics.

Liberty Federation = ID-FF 1.1, ID-FF 1.2 and SAML 2.0

Liberty Web Services = ID-WSF 1.0, ID-WSF 1.1 and ID-WSF 2.0


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