Travel & Transportation

As organizations explore the impact that federation and identity Web services can have internally and externally, some interesting applications are emerging. Here are some of the deployments that we are aware of that utilize Liberty standards to achieve new business opportunities, as well as streamline operations and save costs.Other Liberty Travel & Transportation Resources

Business Guidelines: Raising the Business Requirements for Wide Scale Identity FederationEnd User Scenario Demo – Travel Scenario

SABRE Travel
Travel & Transportation
Organization Description Technology Reach Resources
GM My Socrates employee portal (multiple initiatives) Liberty Federation 70,000 North American Employees Eweek article/casestudy
GM Dealer Web (in progress) Liberty Federation 14,000 dealers Presentation from Liberty Workshop in Tokyo – October 2004
GM All implementations Migrating to Liberty Federation Presentation from Liberty Workshop in Palo Alto – January 2005
JAL ONLINE Worked with NTT DATA to create a system to improve the efficiency of their travel expense reporting lifecycle from report submission to reimbursement. Liberty Federation Case Study
SABRE Travel POC Libety Federation
StarAlliance Federation for employees of Star Alliance. Working with member airlines of the Star Alliance for next phase, which will allow federation for customers across Star Alliance members. Liberty Federation Digital ID World Conference Presentations

Italics – The organization has asked to remain anonymous at this time, so we have named them only by industry type and described their sector in italics.

Liberty Federation = ID-FF 1.1, ID-FF 1.2 and SAML 2.0

Liberty Web Services = ID-WSF 1.0, ID-WSF 1.1 and ID-WSF 2.0


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