Conformant Products

Liberty-Enabled Products Alcatel –
The multi-protocol (HTTP, SIP, WAP, SMTP) Alcatel 5301 Proxy Platform provides a complete execution, management and development environment for Java proxy applications, such as a service selection proxy and various enrichment proxies (e.g., a location, profiling, access control proxy). It is also the foundation of the Alcatel 5311 WAP Gateway. Its Liberty-enabled proxy module, built on Liberty Alliance ID-FF specifications, allows users to switch transparently from a secured and trusted federated service to another one. To enable this, the proxy platform acts as an LECP and performs the required single sign-on interactions with identity providers and service providers.Elios –
iCAP LEP™ 1.0 is a powerful and a high-performance Liberty-enabled proxy. Based on the ICAP technology, iCAP LEP™ enhances HTTP proxy or WAP gateway to support Liberty Single Sign-On and Authentication features. By respecting the Liberty protocols (Liberty ID-FF 1.1 and 1.2), iCAP LEP™ simplifies an authentication process between Liberty Identity Providers and Service Providers. With no installation on the user devices, iCAP LEP™ is transparent for any browser embedded in mobile phones, PDA, or computers. Efficient, modular, reliable, and scalable, iCAP LEP™ can be easily integrated to enterprises and carriers architecture. iCAP LEP™ is an ELIOS product based on France Telecom patent and technology.Ericsson –
Ericsson’s Liberty-interoperable User Session & Identity Server (USIS) product is the core of the Ericsson identity management solution for telecom operators. The main features of the product are session management, user identity management, user authentication, and service authorization based on user profile. The Ericsson USIS 1.0 product is commercially available and it has achieved certification for ID-FF 1.2 as a functional upgrade of the certification of ID-FF 1.1 already achieved in December 2003.Hewlett-Packard –
HP OpenView Select Federation supports your company’s e-business strategy by delivering your employees, suppliers, partners and customers timely, reliable, and secure access to critical information and business processes. For managing an adaptive enterprise, one that can respond quickly to change, HP OpenView Select Federation provides systematic and secure user access to network services and enterprise resources, drastically reducing IT costs. Using Select Federation, an enterprise can achieve greater degrees of integration with its partners via: shared identity across heterogeneous systems and identity platforms; reusable architecture for bringing on new business partners faster; and eEnd-to-end management of identity through the entire value delivery chain. HP OpenView Select Federation supports SAML 1.0/1.1, Liberty ID-FF 1.1/1.2, and Liberty ID-WSF 1.0.IBM –
The IBM Tivoli Access Manager software family helps enterprises extend identity management to trusted partners. Supporting a rich set of standards, IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager extends enterprise user lifecycle management capabilities to trusted third-parties, simplifying identity and access administration. IBM’s software implements a multi-protocol federation gateway with integrated management support for Liberty ID FF 1.1/1.2, SAML, and WS-Federation. The added federation capability enables enterprises to quickly and securely integrate identity-driven transactions with their middleware and portal platforms.NEC –
NEC SECUREMASTER 4.1 is an identity and access management platform that provides secure federated identity and access policy solution for enterprises and customers through Liberty identity federation 1.2 protocols as well as SAML 1.1, enhancing its previous versions that have offered single sign-on capabilities for mission critical business. SECUREMASTER enables developers and integrators to easily and rapidly deploy Web-based services that require secure interactions of private information such as authentication and authorization credentials among business partners on top of existing applications, with a small amount of adaptation costs. It is scheduled that SECUREMASTER 4.1 will be released at the end of March 2005.

Netegrity –
Netegrity SiteMinder enables companies to centrally manage user authentication and authorization while consistently enforcing corporate security policies and providing actionable security-related auditing and reporting information. SiteMinder’s federated security capabilities enable companies to securely manage users and their digital identities as they move between affiliate and partner Web sites. SiteMinder uses widely adopted industry standards to deliver federated security services. SiteMinder supports SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) today and is committed to supporting Liberty specifications before the end of 2004.

Nokia –
The Nokia WAP Gateway enables mobile phones to use Liberty Single Sign-on and Authentication by functioning as a Liberty-enabled proxy and providing access to external identity providers. This is especially important for those mobile phones existing on the market today that do not support the Liberty specifications.

Nokia –
The Nokia Web Services framework for mobile devices enables both identity and basic Web services, making the device a fully integrated part of the end-to-end Web services world. It has been designed to shield complexity from developers, making it suitable for a wide spectrum of Web services applications for both consumers and enterprises. The ease of application development, the identity-aware functionality, the high degree of automation, and the standards-based approach make it a cost-efficient, user- and developer-friendly framework. Nokia Web Services framework for mobile devices is designed with the future in mind. Additional functionality can be added as a plug-in.

Novell Inc. –
An early access release of the Liberty Identity Provider for Novell eDirectory, previously code-named Saturn, is currently available as a free download to customers worldwide. Using the Liberty Alliance version 1.1 specifications, Novell’s Liberty Identity Provider allows businesses to securely establish links among internal, external and partner Web sites, giving users single sign-on between those Web sites via open standards. Equally important, the Liberty Identity Provider allows the users themselves to decide whether their identities will be federated from one Web site to another. Offering standards-based single sign-on helps companies drive more value from business relationships, build a more loyal customer base, and help employees be more productive.

Novell –
Novell is developing a Web authentication/authorization product, code-named “Odyssey,” that enables the secure federation of identity data through both the Liberty Alliance specifications and the SAML protocol. With this, customers will have one of the industry’s first viable options for establishing trusted relationships with business partners based on open standards. It is scheduled to ship in the first half of 2005.

NTT’s identity information sharing module is an identity federation platform for subscribers of new broadband network services provided by NTT group companies. This module has achieved certification for ID-WSF 1.0, ID-FF 1.2, and ID-FF 1.1.

Oracle –
Oracle Secure Federation Services supports the full complement of Liberty ID-FF 1.1 and Liberty ID-FF 1.2 protocols, allowing customers to deploy Liberty Identity and Service Providers in a circle of trust. Oracle Secure Federation Services is a component of Oracle Identity Management – an integrated, scalable, and robust identity management infrastructure.

Phaos Technology Corp. –
Phaos Technology is a leading provider of identity management security software to Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and other organizations worldwide. Phaos provides modular, FIPS 140-2 validated components required by Liberty Identity and Service Providers to secure applications such as identity account linkage, simplified single sign-on, consolidation of enterprise authentication schemes, and the integration of legacy-based systems with XML-based Web services. Phaos’ commitment to identity management security has evolved out of a deep history in developing cryptographic solutions for companies worldwide. Phaos, in fact, was the first to market with a pure Java implementation of SSL, and the first vendor to deliver commercial versions of product to support security and identity management standards generated by the Liberty Alliance, OASIS, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Today, Phaos identity management security solutions are up and running in a range of vertical markets, and Phaos products have been tested for millions of transactions.

Ping Identity Corporation –
The Liberty ID-FF 1.1 .Net Toolkit Release 1.1 is an easy-to-use toolkit API for managing Identity Federation. It accepts all inbound Liberty Alliance version 1.1 protocol traffic, parses and validates it, and delegates high-level actions to customer-provided plug-in points to perform services such as account federation, de-federation, and global logout. Additionally, the toolkit creates conformant outbound traffic. It provides single sign-on functionality that can be integrated into existing ASP.NET 1.x applications. This enables these applications with Liberty ID-FF 1.1 capabilities – allowing them to share user authentication credentials in a cross-domain manner with applications in other security domains.

Sun Microsystems Inc. –
Sun Java ™ System Access Manager 2004Q2 provides open, standards-based authentication and policy-based authorization with a single, unified framework for securing the delivery of essential identity and application information, improving the user experience through single sign-on, and enabling trusted networks with partners, suppliers and customers. Java ™ System Access Manager 2004Q2 is one of the first products to support federation standards, including the latest Liberty Alliance specifications for identity federation and identity web services, as well as the SAML 1.1 specifications.

Symlabs –
SLIM version 2.9, Symlabs’ Federated Identity Management product, was awarded, in the first ever certification event in July 2005, the certification for OASIS SAML 2.0 conformance for all profiles available. SLIM provides a multi-protocol federated identity solution encompassing ID-FF 1.2 (certified in October 2004), ID-WSF 1.1 (certified in May 2005), and WS-Federation (interoperability demonstration at Burton Catalyst 2005) in Identity Provider, Service Provider, and Enhanced Client roles. Symlabs complements the SLIM Identity Management solution with our Directory Extender product. Directory Extender addresses ID firewalling and backend requirements with proven high performance and scalability, allowing customers to obtain a complete turnkey Identity Management solution from a single vendor.

Trustgenix, Inc.–
Trustgenix IdentityBridge™ is a full-featured federation server that supports all popular federated identity protocols, including Liberty and SAML. IdentityBridge has the broadest Liberty Interoperable Certification profile, including ID-WSF 1.0, ID-FF 1.2, and ID-FF 1.1. IdentityBridge™ gives customers a wide choice of cross-domain identity features such as provisioning, privilege management, and single sign-on in heterogeneous environments and/or for Web services applications. Trustgenix’s turnkey solution complements and is nondisruptive to existing Identity / Access Management System deployments and homegrown single sign-on systems. It can be deployed in days and is ideal for seamless extranets, e-Government e-Authentication, and bridging intranet identity islands.

Liberty-Enabled Products

America Online, Inc. –
AOL, the world’s leading interactive services company, is leveraging open standard technologies such as the Liberty Alliance specifications and SOAP/XML, to allow third-party applications to easily access and interact with AOL’s online services. In January 2004, AOL and D-Link, the global leader in the design and development of connectivity and communications technologies for the digital home and the small to medium business markets, announced an alliance that uses the Liberty specifications to extend access to AOL’s Internet broadcasting service, Radio@AOL, beyond the computer and into any room with a TV or stereo. A new line of D-Link Wireless Media Players will allow AOL for Broadband members to listen to more than 175 CD-quality Radio@AOL stations on any TV or stereo in the home.

Axalto –
Axalto is the world’s leading provider of microprocessor cards (Gartner, 2003, Frost & Sullivan 2003) and a major supplier of point-of-sale terminals. Its 4,500 employees serve customers in more than 100 countries, with worldwide sales exceeding 2.8 billion smart cards to date. The Axalto Web Identity Card is targeted at Internet service operators and providers looking for a closer relationship with their end users. Axalto’s innovative technology provides enhanced connectivity (anywhere) and supports new Liberty identification mechanisms allowing connections from any terminal (anytime). The Web Identity Card allows end users to always be in control of their personal confidential data, and increased authentication capability on the device guarantees compatibility with existing and future authentication schemas.

Communicator Inc. –
Communicator Inc. has implemented the Liberty Alliance version 1.1 (Phase 1) specifications into its Hub ID services to create a unified digital identity management service. Communicator Hub ID enables companies to securely extend the digital corporate identities of employees, customers, partners, and suppliers beyond the enterprise in a federated manner. This enables identity related services such as single sign-on, self help systems, access to permissioned content, and presence management. Communicator Inc. is implementing the Liberty Alliance Phase 2 specifications in its Hub ID service, making it available to all of its customers immediately upon delivery.

Computer Associates International, Inc. –
Computer Associates, eTrust Identity and Access Management Suite supports your organization’s complete security management strategy. Because today’s organizations are plagued by a multitude of identity and access management challenges, CA brings to market the most complete, integrated identity and access management suite. CA’s eTrust Identity and Access Management modular suite helps enterprises to reduce costs and mitigate security risks associated with users and their access across the enterprise and extended enterprise. All of the components are seamlessly integrated to maximize efficiency as well as provide a foundation for additional integrations from third-party vendors – greatly reducing deployment and enabling a quick ROI. CA’s Identity and Access Management suite is targeted to support the Liberty Alliance specifications in the first half of 2005.

Courion –
Courion delivers value to more than 200 enterprise customers worldwide with its self-service identity management solutions. The Courion Identity Management Suite™, anchored by the automated user provisioning solution, AccountCourier®, and automated password management solution, PasswordCourier®, delivers optimized user productivity, improved operational efficiencies, strengthened security and reduced costs, by automating routine, manual identity management policies and processes, and integrating disparate workflows and systems within the enterprise. Courion plans to support Liberty standards and takes a vendor-neutral approach to help customers manage identity management policies and processes in truly heterogeneous environments, leveraging the existing infrastructure to deliver more immediate results.

Entrust, Inc. –
The Entrust Secure Identity Management Solution is a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for securely managing identities and access for users, applications and devices across client-server, Web, and Web service architectures. Through integrated, best-of-breed capabilities for authentication, authorization, and federated SSO and provisioning, Entrust enables organizations to cost-effectively deploy and manage identities in a heterogeneous environment. Entrust supports the convergence between the Liberty Identity Federation Framework (ID-FF) and the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). Moving beyond its current support for SAML, Entrust’s ongoing commitment to Liberty will further manifest itself through support for SAML 2.0, which will incorporate Liberty’s Phase 1 work, in the Entrust Secure Identity Management Solution.

Fischer International –
Fischer International provides integrated, secure, and scalable solutions for messaging, identity management, and provisioning. Our capabilities extend beyond the networked enterprise to support wireless users as well. Fischer International’s solutions provide rapid deployment, the lowest cost, and the lowest cost of ownership without comprising on quality. Quality and flexibility are integral to our “state of the architecture” solutions. Fischer International has committed to supporting the Liberty Alliance specifications.

Fujitsu Services –
Fujitsu Services SDA mPollux is primarily designed to secure Web and wireless applications. It provides authentication and authorization services that can be used to control access to a single application, or to implement a single sign-on access control system for a variety of applications. Several different user authentication methods are supported, such as PKI, wireless PKI, telephone call, or SMS based authentication. Authorization functions can be implemented combining the use of mPollux services and the access control features of the Web server product in use, or using the optional WebFront Access Control module of mPollux. The support for Liberty specifications (both identity and service provider components) is expected to be available by the end of year 2004.

General Motors –
One of the ways General Motors is incorporating federated identity management and Liberty Alliance specifications is within its employee intranet, called MySocrates. MySocrates provides access to many of the outsourced HR services that GM employees receive, such as health benefits and 401(k) plans. GM also offers employees a significant discount on AOL’s service for home Internet use. Using Liberty’s specifications, GM can federate an employee’s AOL screen name with their MySocrates ID, thereby allowing employees to move easily between work and home life.

July Systems –
July’s data services infrastructure software solution – the July Meta-Service System (JMSS) – enables mobile operators to deliver high-value mobile data services to subscribers. JMSS compliance with Liberty Alliance 1.1 (Phase 1) specifications allows the operator to take on the value-added role of a federated identity provider, thereby ensuring that subscribers can receive personalized information and transaction capabilities without compromising the privacy of their identity and profile information to application and content partners. JMSS will support features such as authentication context request, name registration request, federation and federation termination request, as well as implement SAML and signature-based message security. July Systems is committed to support all future Liberty Alliance specifications.

Mycroft, Inc. –
Mycroft, Inc. provides a set of products and services in the areas of security and identity management, as well as strategy, architecture, deployment, and development services. Mycroft is dedicated to the adoption and deployment of the Liberty Alliance standard, as we deploy federated identity architectures in Fortune 100 companies. Mycroft has developed a Liberty-enabled version of Webseal that provides Liberty functionality to the Tivoli Access Manager product. Mycroft has also updated its Mycroft Federation Framework (MFF) to support the Phase 2 Liberty specifications. MFF demonstrates extension of COTS products to support the Liberty specifications, and participate in Liberty circles of trust. The idea is to maintain customers’ freedom of choice in product selection, and still participate in a secure, federated authentication exchange.

NeuStar, Inc. –
NeuStar, Inc. is built on a foundation of trust and neutrality established over years of securely and successfully managing critical registry and infrastructure services for the communications industry. This foundation of trust has set the stage for NeuStar to be a groundbreaking force in offering next-generation infrastructure services including federated digital identity, and the convergence of voice and data networks. NeuStar is leading the way with first-of-its-kind, turn-key, Liberty-compliant identity management and federation services. NeuStar’s NeuLiberty suite of services offers Trust Circle Administration, Identity & Attribute Discovery Services, and Identity Management Services. NeuStar’s NeuLiberty suite of services makes smart business sense in today’s competitive market environment. The NeuLiberty services provide a quick, reliable and cost-effective way to support business transactions in a secure network.

Oblix –
Oblix is a strong supporter of industry standards. With companies striving to connect trusted partners, customers and suppliers to critical applications online, the need for robust interoperability and online security standards has never been greater. Oblix SHAREid enables secure and real-time single sign-on (SSO) to systems and applications across multiple independent organizations. Already in production at leading Fortune 500 companies and government organizations, SHAREid will support multiple industry standards including the Liberty Alliance open federated specifications for network identity.

RSA Security Inc. –
RSA Security plans to support the Liberty Alliance specifications in future versions of its portfolio of identity and access management solutions. RSA Security’s Liberty-enabled solutions are designed to allow customers to achieve secure authentication, Web access management, and single sign-on, both inside and outside of an organization.

PostX –
PostX ensures trusted delivery of information vital to business and customer relationships. PostX allows organizations to quickly deploy a variety of trusted messaging methodologies to meet their security and usability requirements while transforming their business. Organizations can drive top-line revenue, ensure compliance, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction; all while creating a more competitive organization in today’s fast-paced, global economy. PostX Trusted Messaging and eBusiness Solutions are Liberty compliant today.

Sigaba –
Sigaba Secure Email, Sigaba Secure Statements and Sigaba Secure Instant Messaging enable business and government to protect sensitive information and comply with regulatory requirements while reducing costs and improving efficiency. Sigaba’s standards-based solutions leverage existing security and communication infrastructures, are massively scalable, and provide powerful flexibility by protecting messages that travel over the Internet, within LANs, and over wireless networks. Sigaba products are integrating Liberty Alliance version 1.1 specifications.

Valista –
Established in 2003, following the merger of Network365 and iPIN, Valista is a global company with offices in the US, Europe, Asia, Japan, and Latin America. The combined subscriber base with access to the Valista product suite exceeds 150 million users with over 1000 merchants utilizing the company’s merchant integration technology. As a result, Valista has emerged as the leading provider of payments software for electronic and mobile commerce. Valista is Liberty-enabling its three core products: Valista PaymentsPlus™, Valista TopupPlus™, and Valista Service Delivery Platform (SDP).

Veridicom International, Inc. –
Veridicom is transforming its authentication solutions to be Liberty compliant in order to offer services as an Identity Provider per the Liberty Alliance specification. Veridicom utilizes biometrics to secure PKCS11 based soft tokens in a server architecture to offer a high level of integrity to any Liberty Alliance application needing Authentication Assertions. This solution will give consumers and enterprise users biometric (i.e., fingerprint) authentication for a variety of applications, while allowing them to maintain control of their personal information. Veridicom’s identity management tools further allow users to securely conduct business over the Web and via other Liberty-enabled Web sites. Veridicom’s identity management solutions provide authentication assertions within the Liberty Alliance framework. Veridicom’s digital signature application allows for secure biometric signing of any Web-based transaction. Furthermore, Veridicom utilizes multiple biometrics and password/PIN combinations in customizable configurations to secure PKCS11 based soft tokens into secure Web servers. The combination of these technologies into one integrated solution provides high-integrity identity assertions for real-time authentication of individuals anytime, anywhere via the Internet, point-of-sale, security kiosk, and mobile devices. A full Liberty-certified offering is expected to be released in mid-2004.

Vodafone –
Vodafone plans to deploy Phase 1 and Phase 2 Liberty Alliance standards in its intranet and commercial service platforms across Vodafone. Vodafone will include the specifications as part of platform releases in 2004–2005.


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