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From: Martina
Sent: Friday, August 06, 2004 5:37 PM
Alright now I see clear how you determine what kind of information you want. In our case it would be Joe’s new postal address and therefore I ask for services of a specific typ. Here the “urn:liberty:id-sis-pp:2003-08”. (Personal Profile that includes the new postal address). But how tells website A that it wants JOE‘s personal profile. How do I specify to which principle the request belongs.
Certainly with the ResourceID which website A sends to the DS. But where does website A get the ResourceID from.
cheers Martin

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From: Conor P. Cahill
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 Martin Kellermann  wrote on 8/6/2004, 3:02 PM:
I understood that the DS QueryResponse contains the actual ResourceIDs of the matching resources, in this  case all resources that specify Joe’s new postal address.
But I do not understand how website A “tells” the Discovery Service that it wants to have Joe’s new postal address.

Website A, by design, does not generally tell the DS that it wants Joe’s new postal address.  The Postal Address is stored in a well known service.  Website A requests this well-known service using the RequestedServiceType.

In this particular case, Joe’s postal address is stored in the PP, so the requested service type would be “urn:liberty:id-sis-pp:2003-08”.

The RequestedServiceType element in the DS Query is optional. Therefore it can not be used to specify the requesters desire.

Yes, it the RST is optional.  However the lack of an RST means that the DS Query returns *all* services available for the users.  The DS spec *strongly* recommends that a client submit a request as qualfiied as possible (and I believe a DS may choose to refuse to accept an unqualified request, returning an error)

(Makes sense since Joe’s new postal address can possibly be obtain via different services)

Only via different instantiations of the same service type (i.e. two different PP services), so the service type would still work here.


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