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This repository offers a wide range of business, policy and technical presentations from global conferences as well as public webcasts that have already been presented. Upcoming events and presentations are available in our Events section. Materials from these activities will be available in this Resource Center upon completion of the event.

Identity Theft Prevention Workshop, Washington DC: April 2006

This workshop examined various issues impacting identity theft and fraud globally, including technical, business and policy aspects. It also included two case studies of organizations implementing federation to guard against various aspects of identity fraud.

Identity Theft Prevention Workshop Overview Slides
Presented by Britta Glade of Liberty Alliance
Overview and goals for the workshop are discussed.
Current Identity Legislation Landscape
Presented by Mary Ellen Callahan of Hogan Hartson Law LLP
In April 2006, there are many issues impacting how identity is examined from a regulatory standpoint. This presentation provides a brief US legislative landscape, with some review of state as well as international impact.
Identity Technology
Presented by Abhilasha Bhargav-Spantzel of Purdue University
There are many current and emerging technical trends that impact identity. This presentation explores the technical landscape.
Identity Best Practices
Presented by Jonathan Rusch of Special Counsel for Fraud Prevention, Criminal Division, Fraud Section, United States Department of Justice and US delegate to UN Crime Commission of Fraud and Misuse of Information
The US Department of Justice is involved in a United Nations project that is attempting to define international best practices for dealing with identity information.
Fidelity Case Study
Presented by Paul Biciunas of Fidelity Investments
This presentation details Fidelity's approach to identity fraud analysis and details internal best practice guidelines.
BIPAC Case Study
Presented by Darrell Shull of BIPAC
BIPAC's federated solution, created for Sun to allow employees to make private and secure political action committee (PAC) contributions has several safeguards to avoid identity fraud. Benefits of federation in avoiding fraud are discussed.
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eHealth Identity Workshop, Washington DC: April 2006

This workshop, dedicated to exploring the role of identity in eHealth, was organized by the Liberty Alliance and presented in April 2006. It includes a variety of thought provoking presentations by leaders in the field.

E-Authentication Initiative: Identity Federation for the Federal Government
Presented by David Temoshok, Director of Identity Policy and Management, GSA Office of Governmentwide Policy
This presentation explores the E-Authentication initiative and its role in US Federal Government. he E-Authentication technical approach dictates that there is no single proprietary solution, users have choice from a variety of commerical off-the-shelf products, interoperability of those products, and requires privacy protection of personal information.
Interoperability and Scalability: Security, Identity Management and Trust in Health Information Exchange
Presented by Pete Palmer, Security/PKI Architect of Wells Fargo HIMSS RHIO Federation Work Group Lead
HIMSS has advanced a framework for strategic action for healthcare in the US that calls for interconnection of clinicians, and achieve three goals: 1) identify interoperability as a major milestone for achieving improved healthcare delivery; 2) encourage regional healthcare information organizations (RHIOs); and 3) a national health information network.
IHE Cross-enterprise User Authentication Profile, and eAuthentication in the Federated Environment
Presented by Lori Reed-Fourquet, MS, Principal of e-HealthSign LLC
IHE is a joint initiative to improve systems integration that brings together clinicians and vendors. This presentation details their efforts, their timeline, and overall goals to achieve through this initiative.
•  Liberty_e-health_Lori.pdf 898.67 kB
Leveraging Collaboration and Advancing Health IT Interoperability
Presented by Marc Wine, Program Analyst of Health IT General Services Administration Office of Intergovernmental Solutionn
The mission of the GSA is to foster collaboration amongst various government organizations and initiatives. This is very key in the healthcare focus, where GSA is driving 1) sharing of knowledge of strategies for implementing collaborative health IT projects; 2) raising awareness of challenges facing large healthcare systems when implementing IT; and 3) identifying examples of projects, benefits and lessons learned on collaboration for data and information exchange with high-performance health IT systems.
Security and Privacy: Leveraging Public-Private Partnerships
Presented by William R. Braithwaite, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of eHealth Initiative and Foundation
This presentation covers security and privacy fundamentals for all eHealth activities and presents a comprehensive on-line, interactive resource that walks the healthcare community through the seven critical components of success.
Framework for Strategic Action NHIN, Fostering Regional Collaborations
Presented by Lammot DuPonte, Program Manager of Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, Department of Health and Human Services
Collaboration is key if secure and private eHealth is to be achieved. This presentation explores the framework for encouraging and achieving this regional collaboration.
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HP Large Scale Federated Deployment: Case Study Teleconference, March 2006

Case Study Teleconference given by HP

Large scale en masse federation: An HP IT case study
Presented by Anjali Anagol-Subbarao, Chief Architect, IDM, ebusinessHP IT of Hewlett-Packard
HP has deployed a far-reaching federated solution that brings all of its customers, employees, and partners to one web site service, achieving a mission critical horizontal process and shared service for web sites. The new site, which delivers federation and identity Web services based on Liberty standards, enables new business opportunities, enables extended enterprise, delivers cost reduction, achieves risk mitigation and security, enables non-interactive principals (e.g. app to app), and moves toward loosely coupled web services based IdM capabilities. This presentation details the business drivers and solutions.
Audio Recording of HP Case Study
Presented by Anjali Anagol-Subbarao, Chief Architect, IDM, ebusinessHP IT of Hewlett-Packard
Audio recording to accompany HP case study.
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Liberty Alliance Deployment Workshop, 3GSM 2006 Barcelona

Deployment Workshop focused on the use and application of Liberty standards in the mobile marketplace, with presentations detailing successful deployments that meet real business needs and deliver tangible return on investment.

Case Study: Offering SIM strong authentication in a Liberty Alliance Circle of Trust
Presented by Dr. Do van Thanh of Telenor, Norway
Details regarding Telenor's exploration of new businesses and new roles beyond traditional telecommunication based on the increasing interest in identity management. Telenor wanted to experiment with the role of Identity Provider based on the Liberty Alliance concepts regarding technology, business, establishment of a Circle of Trust, exploring what services are compelling to Service Providers and users. Through this exploration, they developed the SIM Strong Authentication Service.
Case Study: France Telecom Liberty strategy & implementation
Presented by Aude Pichelin, Research & Development of France Telecom
France Telecom has been an early and innovative adopter of Liberty Alliance specifications, delivering Liberty-based solutions to more than 71M subscribers globally. This presentation details the business goals and needs that drove them to adopt Liberty standards to achieve their needs.
Liberty Use Cases & Business Models
Presented by Fulup Ar Foll, Master Architect of Sun Microsystems
Ever wonder how Liberty standards came to be? The presentation explores the development process of the Liberty Alliance, where business use cases and real world needs drive the actual development of the technical specifications. Presentation explores a few that are of greatest pertinence to the mobile community.
History of Liberty and the Mobile Community
Presented by Ian Nordman, Sr. Business Development Manager of Nokia
this presentation by founding member Nokia explores the impact of the Liberty Alliance specifciations in the mobile marketplace and the user-focused benefits they deliver for enhanced mobile browsing for better user experience. It also explores the emergence of connected mobile smart applications and the ripe marketplace for enterprise mobility, detailing Nokia's specific support in place.
Welcome & Overview
Presented by Andrew Shikiar of Liberty Alliance
Introductory slides for this Deployment Workshop focused on the telecommunications space and the impact and opportunity of the Liberty Alliance specifications herein.
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Liberty Alliance Deployment Workshop, Berlin

Introduction to the Liberty Alliance
Presented by Brett McDowell, Director of Liberty Alliance
Structure, goal, accomplishments and membership of Liberty Alliance are discussed in this introductory presentation to the Berlin Deployment Workshop.
Business Implications Of Liberty Technologies
Presented by Dr. rer. nat. Hellmuth Broda Distinguished Director and CTO of Strategic Insight Office, Sun Microsystems
Basic components of identity are explored and the role of identity in business transactions. Core concepts such as compliance, privacy, security, identity theft and fraud are explored, as well as the returns that can be realized by implementing Liberty-based solutions.
Putting Identity Management into practice
Presented by Michael Gärtner, Manager, Product Infrastructure of T-Online International AG
T-Online, the leading identity service provider in Germany, launched “Netzausweis” (engl.: Net ID Card) in 2005 to bring the benefits of federated identity management to its customers and partners. The Liberty-enabled federated system provides consumers with easy, secure and privacy respecting access to applications and services and partners with new opportunities for reducing costs and increasing revenues. The deployment supports millions of consumers and over 200 products in the telecom, service provider, gaming, Web-hosting, IP-TV and IP-Telephony sectors. It offers a Circle of Trust is deployed among all of the T-Online “Netzausweis” partners in Germany, France and Spain, with the consumer controlling all of their identity information with privacy controls built into the system. Features include single login/sign on, auto identification and authentication, data vault, age verification and single log-off.
Interoperable and Secure Authentication for Organizations on e-government
Presented by Tero Pernu of National Board of Taxes, Finland
The Finnish Board of Taxes utilized Liberty Federation and Liberty Identity Web Services specifications to create an online authentication system (Katso) that serves 120,000 businesses, enabling them to file and interact securely with the government. Katso acts as the identity provider, and provides the standard interface to a range of e-services. The solution utilizes Web service interfaces so businesses and citizens can do the e-filing straight from their payroll system without accessing any of the Board of Tax portals, simplifying the process and making it as short as possible—good for the user—and less costly to implement and maintain—a good return for the Finnish Government. KATSO was implemented in less than 4 months and delivered an immediate and recurring return on investment.
Building a portal for citizens in Norway with secure authentication and single sign on
Presented by Dag Efjestad of Norwegian Government
Details on the government project in Norway to bring federated identtiyt, and the benefits of security, privacy and single sign on, to Norways 4.6M citizens. This is the framework for eNorway, with all relevant public services electronic, and the citzen able to access them through the federated myPage portal.
•  myPage_norway.pdf 431.92 kB
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Protecting Identity - NetID

Protecting Identity
Presented by Robin Wilton of Sun Microsystems
This presentation details the identity theft problem, possible mitigtating solutions, and how Liberty Federation can be used to help prevent it.
•  ProtectingIdentity.pdf 473.19 kB
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People Services Webcast, Jan 2006

Webcast Audio: People Service
Presented by Paul Madsen, Co-Chair, Liberty Alliance Technology Expert Group of Liberty Alliance
Audio to accompany the People Service webcast, Jan. 2006.
Webcast: People Service
Presented by Paul Madsen, Co-Chair, Liberty Alliance Technology Expert Group of Liberty Alliance
People Service webcast demonstrates social networking capabilities available in Liberty's Identity Web Services Framework, with an overview and specific examples.
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Liberty Alliance Deployment Workshop, Paris: Dec. 2005

This workshop was geared to deployers in France, and features an overall presentation introducing federation and the business benefits it offers, as well as case study presentations from ADAE (French Government), France Telecom, and Bibliotèque Nationale de France.

Case Study: France Telecom
Presented by Alexandre Nolle, R&D Identity Program Manager of France Telecom
France Telecom used a Liberty-based solution to consolidate third party service catalogues across seven countries. The resulting deployment, which touches 71M customers, moves them from an account-centric to a user-centric model, with the customer is at the heart of his personal universe. The goal was increased customer satisfaction (far easier usage) and increased business opportunities with reduced costs. All goals have been achieved.
•  France_Telecom.pdf 778.16 kB
Case Study: Bibliotèque Nationale de France
Presented by Cédric Ouvry of Ingénieur d'études
This presentation, written in French, presents a case study on the Bibliotèque Nationale de France's use of Liberty standards to achieve single sign on for its patrons and employees, resulting in greater privacy, security and cost savings.
Case Study: ADAE
Presented by Benoît Bout of ADAE
“Mon service-public" was developed by ADAE (a division of the French Government) to be accessible from the portal. It will enable every citizen to set up his or her own home page to access all the online public services of concern to him or her. Users will thus be able to access all their official paperwork. "Mon service-public" will incorporate the services developed by the administrations (taxes account, family benefits, etc…) and those developed by the ADAE (change of address, applications for certificates from the civil register, etc…). A "personal space" (briefcase / e-safe) can be used for storage of personal data and dematerialized official documents (diplomas, civil register certificates, etc…) which the user can obtain from the civil service and submit to the authorities to complete other procedures. This case study presentation explores this Liberty-based solution.
•  ADAE.pdf 1.50 MB
Business Issues Related to the Deployment of Federated Identity Management and Circles of Trust
Presented by Fulup Ar Foll, Master Architect of Global Software Practice, Sun Microsystems
This presentation explores the business drivers of federated identity and the development of Circles of Trust to facilitate secure, private transmissions.
•  Sun_Microsystems.pdf 1.07 MB
Introduction to the Liberty Alliance Architecture for Business Executives
Presented by Timo Skytta, Vice President Liberty Alliance, Director, Web Services of Nokia Technology Platforms
Overview of the Liberty Alliance structure, goals, work groups, and futures. Orientation to the workshop, which focuses on business and policy aspects of digital, identity implementations, real-life case studies to talk about benefits and challenges of identity federation.
•  Nokia.pdf 1.65 MB
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Chicago Deployment Workshop

Deployment workshop given in Chicago, Illinois July 2005.

BIPAC Prosperity Project
Presented by Darrell Shull of BIPAC
•  bipac_sun_basic.pdf 819.08 kB
France Telecom R&D initiatives for Liberty in Europe
Presented by Christian Pinaud of France Telecom
•  France_Telecom.pdf 778.16 kB
Liberty Technology Overview
Presented by Conor P Cahill, Chief Architect of AOL
•  SpecsOverviewAOL.pdf 236.51 kB
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Orange Case Study: Liberty-enabled Solution for 50+ Million Subscribers

Orange Case Study: Liberty-enabled Solution for 50+ Million Subscribers

Liberty-enabled Solution for 50+ Million Subscribers
Presented by Pierre –Yves CLOUX of Orange Group, Mobile Product House, Architecture Team
•  OrangeLiberty.pdf 306.41 kB
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