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The Liberty Alliance remains the only global body working to establish business, policy and technical standards for digital identity management and identity-based web services. Liberty’s members collaborate in an open forum to establish the means to address real-world business requirements and technology challenges.

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Benefits of Membership Incude:

  • Collaboration with peers to agree on standard mechanisms for identity management, transactions, web services and communication – thereby creating greater cost efficiencies in product and application development
  • Networking with other thought leaders in identity management, web services and strong authentication
  • Early access to emerging Liberty specifications – giving members a head-start on product development, or advanced testing time for new functionality in end-user applications
  • Ability to take part in vertical- or issue-specific Special Interest Groups, including eHealth, ID Theft Prevention, eGovernment, Japanese Market, Open Source, and Mobile Services
  • Reduced fees to take part in Liberty Interoperable™ testing program for products supporting Liberty specifications
  • Substantial marketing opportunities, including opportunity to act as Liberty Spokesperson to international business & trade media as well as exposure in leading tradeshows such as Burton Catalyst and 3GSM.
  • Ability to attend Liberty’s quarterly meetings – 2x/year in North America, 1x/year in Europe and Asia.


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