Federation, Web Services, Open Source and Web 2.0 Converge in Redwood City January 22

Liberty Alliance hosts “Liberty 2.0” event to showcase the benefits of convergence in the identity sector and to highlight new tools and resources for the open source developer community

Liberty Alliance, the global identity consortium working to build a more trusted Internet for consumers, governments and businesses worldwide, today announced “Liberty 2.0,” a free public event to be held on Monday, January 22 in Redwood City from 10am – 4:00pm at the Sofitel Hotel in Redwood Shores. Liberty 2.0 brings together experts in federation, user-centric identity, Web services, SOAs, social networking, open source identity, OpenID and Web 2.0 applications to examine where current identity management solutions cross paths and the consumer and business benefits of industry-wide convergence of digital identity management initiatives.

Presenters at this educational and highly interactive event include:

Conor Cahill (http://conorcahill.blogspot.com) with Intel, discussing the security and privacy capabilities Liberty Web Services offers Web 2.0 applications and the advanced client capabilities currently in development within Liberty Alliance;

John Kemp (http://appliedlife.blogspot.com) with Nokia, leading an interactive developer’s tutorial and presenting new open source tools and resources to help developers incorporate SAML 2.0 functionality into a variety of Web services applications;

Paul Madsen (http://connectid.blogspot.com) co-chair of the Liberty Alliance Technology Expert Group, providing an overview of identity standards available today for more secure and privacy respecting social networking;

Eve Maler (http://www.xmlgrrl.com/blog) with Sun Microsystems, exploring the basics of Liberty Identity Web Services and the business use cases they solve;

Mary Ruddy (http://sp.typepad.com/blog) co-founder of SocialPhysics.org, presenting an overview of Project Higgins, including use-cases and how developers might work with Higgins at the building block level.

“The January 22 event mirrors the Liberty Alliance model of bringing diverse organizations together to collectively address and solve the technology, business and privacy challenges involved in successful digital identity management,” said George Goodman, president of the Liberty Alliance management board and director of the Platform Capabilities Lab at Intel. “Liberty 2.0 will demonstrate how the convergence of enterprise identity management systems, open source identity initiatives and many of today’s Web 2.0 applications can speed the deployment of more secure and trusted digital identity management solutions to users worldwide.”

About Liberty 2.0

With opening remarks by Roger Sullivan (http://blogs.oracle.com/rogersullivan/), vice president of the Liberty Alliance Management Board and vice president of Oracle Identity Management, Liberty 2.0 is open to all developers, enterprises and organizations interested in learning about the benefits of convergence in the identity sector. Liberty 2.0 will provide developers with new tools and resources for building interoperable user-centric applications that incorporate security and privacy at their core. Enterprises and organizations will learn how Liberty’s proven interoperable identity specifications can be applied to a variety of Web 2.0 applications. Information about how to register for Liberty 2.0 as well as the complete agenda is available at http://www.events.projectliberty.org/details.php?id=5


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