Industry Leaders Release Details Of Anticipated Liberty Alliance-Enabled Products

Product Announcements and Strong Member Support Illustrate Momentum for First Liberty Alliance Specifications for Open, Federated Network Identity

San Francisco, Calif. (Burton Group Catalyst Conference) – Today and throughout this week, numerous member companies within the Liberty Alliance Project will announce plans and expected availability for Liberty-enabled products and services. These announcements will be made in conjunction with today’s public availability of the Liberty Alliance version 1.0 specifications, the first phase of the Alliance’s open, federated network identity solution. The first Liberty-enabled products are expected by the end of 2002.

The companies announcing specific product plans are (in alphabetical order): Communicator, Inc., Entrust, Inc., NeuStar, Inc., Novell, Inc., OneName Corporation, RSA Security and Sun Microsystems. In addition, other Liberty Alliance members offered details on potential internal implementations and strong support on the progress made with the version 1.0 specifications.

“Today’s product-specific announcements and broad member support speaks to the commercial value and market need for what the Liberty Alliance is creating,” said Eric Dean, chairman of the Liberty Alliance Management Board and CIO of United Airlines. “We built and expanded on established protocols and standards, like SAML and SOAP, to ensure we had a foundation that is stable, secure, proven, as well as quick and easy to implement into existing systems. Going forward we anticipate broad adoption from not only our rapidly growing member base, such as those announced today, but from non-members as well.”

The Liberty version 1.0 specifications focus on interoperability between systems to enable opt-in account linking and simplified sign-on functionality. The Liberty Alliance also released details today on its next set of identity specifications already in the early stages of development. Please visit for more details on this announcement.

Below are high level details on today’s announcements.

Communicator, Inc. – Communicator is a leading provider of secure electronic communications products and services to Fortune 1000 companies. Today, communicator announced plans to implement the Liberty Alliance version 1.0 specifications into its Hub ID service. Hub ID is a unified digital identity management service that enables companies to securely extend the digital corporate identities of employees, customers, partners and suppliers beyond the enterprise. This enables identity related services such as single sign-on, self-help systems, access to permissioned content and presence management.

Hub ID is already used by many of the world’s largest Wall Street firms to connect their extranets with single sign-on while maintaining separate user identities. Communicator plans to implement the Liberty specifications into Hub ID within three months. For more information, please visit

Entrust, Inc. – Entrust [NASDAQ: ENTU] is a global provider of Internet security solutions and services. Today Entrust announced plans to integrate the Liberty Alliance version 1.0 specifications into its enhanced Internet security portfolio, which provides identification, entitlements, verification, privacy and security management for more than 1,500 global enterprise and government customers.

The Entrust GetAccess™ entitlements product is part of the company’s Secure Web Portal offering, already enabling single sign-on. Integration of the Liberty specifications will allow it to work in concert with other software manufacturer’s solutions. Entrust plans to begin integration of the version 1.0 specifications into its enhanced Internet security portfolio in the first half of 2003. For more information, please visit

NeuStar – NeuStar is a neutral, third party registry provider for the Internet and telecommunications industry. In addition to operating the telephone number registry for North America, they also operate the registry for the .biz and .us Internet domains. NeuStar will leverage its global registry infrastructure to provide neutral third party meta-directory and clearinghouse services to enable Liberty-compliant federated identity services.

Enterprises wishing to utilize Liberty technology to federate or link accounts within a “circle of trust” can leverage NeuStar’s clearinghouse service without the cost, infrastructure, and logistics of establishing independent point-to-point interconnections. NeuStar expects its Liberty-enabling digital identity services, and associated specifics such as pricing, to be available later this year. For more information, please visit

Novell, Inc. – Novell is the leading provider of Net business solutions. Today Novell unveiled the company’s Liberty-compliant identity management solution, codenamed ‘Saturn’, which uses the Liberty version 1.0 specifications to exchange identity information between companies and to give users single sign-on between Web sites via open standards. Equally important, the solution allows the users themselves to decide whether their identities will be federated from one Web site to another. Novell plans to deliver ‘Saturn’ to customers by the end of 2002.

Novell also plans to implement the Liberty Alliance specifications in its Novell iChain Web security solution. As a proxy-based appliance, iChain can sit in front of Web servers and dynamically Liberty-enable those Web sites – without requiring any software on the servers themselves. The Liberty-compliant version of iChain will also be available before the end of the year. For more information, please visit

OneName Corporation – OneName is a leading vendor of digital identity software solutions. The company announced today that it will incorporate the Liberty Alliance version 1.0 specifications into its OneName Identity Server. This new functionality will allow OneName customers to benefit from interoperability with other Liberty-compliant network identity products, while taking advantage of the extensibility of the OneName platform.

OneName Identity Server goes beyond single sign-on to provide a full range of Web identity functionality, including permissions-based privacy controls, context-sensitive personalization of identity attributes, negotiated controls governing exchange of identity information and identity linking for synchronized, persistent relationships. OneName will begin selling Liberty-compliant solutions to its customers in the third quarter of 2002. For more information, please visit

RSA Security Inc. – RSA Security is one of the most trusted names in e-security. Today, RSA Security announced plans to support the Liberty Alliance specifications in future versions of its portfolio of trusted identity and access management solutions. RSA Security’s Liberty-inspired solutions are designed to allow customers to achieve secure authentication, Web access management and single sign-on, both inside and outside of an organization. RSA Security plans to announce more details on the Liberty-enabled products later this Fall, and expects the products to be available in early 2003. For more information, please visit

Sun Microsystems – Sun Microsystems, Inc. is a leader in systems and solutions that make the Net work. Today, Sun Microsystems announced support for the Liberty Alliance version 1.0 specifications for federated network identification. Sun will announce further details on how it will integrate Liberty into Java™ technology, the Solaris™ Operating Environment and the Sun™ Open Net Environment (Sun™ ONE), as well as other news on July 16, 2002. Sun ONE is the integration of Sun’s award-winning portfolio of software products. For more information, please visit

In addition to the product implementations described above, other members have provided details on how the Liberty specifications could benefit their company, customers, partners and industry in the future.

“United Airlines strongly supports the Liberty Alliance’s release of its version 1.0 specifications,” said Rob Robless, United CTO. “United believes the specifications can be used in the short-term and with its existing infrastructure to provide functionality that will benefit its B2C, B2B, and B2E relationships. United already has begun efforts to use the version 1.0 specifications to link internal systems and to facilitate enhancement of existing relationships with key business partners.”

“The delivery of these specifications is an important step toward better serving customers’ needs by building trust and interoperability into Web services,” said Anil Pereira, executive vice president and general manager, enterprise and service provider division at VeriSign Inc. “Liberty’s specifications and what they equally offer both businesses and consumers, have the potential to improve consumer confidence and ultimately usage of e-commerce.”

“The first Liberty specifications are an important milestone towards the vision of achieving a simple and secure way to sign on to different services in an open and federated environment,” said Osborn Hogevik, director corporate business development for Ericsson. “Ericsson products will support the Liberty standard, adding value to mobile operators and end-users.”

For a full list of supporting member quotes, please visit

About the Liberty Alliance Project
The Liberty Alliance Project ( is an alliance of more than 60 technology and consumer organizations formed to develop and deploy open, federated network identification specifications that support all current and emerging network devices in the digital economy. Federated identity will help drive the next generation of the Internet, offering businesses and consumers convenience and choice. Membership is open to all commercial and non-commercial organizations.

Founding members of the Alliance are: American Express, AOL Time Warner, Bell Canada, Citigroup, France Telecom, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard Company, MasterCard International, Nokia, NTT DoCoMo, Openwave Systems, RSA Security, Sony Corporation, Sun Microsystems, United Airlines and Vodafone.

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