Welcome to the Liberty Alliance Forums. As you’ll see from the variety of options available to you, this can be a tremendous resource to all of the members of your team who are concerned with identity within your organization, from developers to product managers to policy experts. We look forward to your participation in this lively community.

Concordia Program

Join the discussion about the requirements for deploying identity federation and identity web services across heterogeneous environments and the public Internet.

Number of Topics: 2

Number of Posts: 3

Federation Deployment

Discuss business and technical issues related to the installation, configuration and management of federations based on SAML and ID-WSF.

Number of Topics: 0

Number of Posts: 0

Business of Identity

This forum is for business line managers and others seeking to understand the business models and strategies being used by deployers across the globe to save time and money, as well as deliver new business offerings. Join this forum to learn tips and tricks for success, and how to avoid the pitfalls.

Number of Topics: 6

Number of Posts: 8

Identity 101

Don’t know what IDM, LECP, or PII means? Acronyms and assumptions fly on many forums, but not here. Join this forum to come up to speed quickly with others new to the identity conversation, peppered with seasoned experts who’ll help show you the ropes.

Number of Topics: 4

Number of Posts: 10

Identity Policy and Privacy Management

Good identity is as much about smart policy as it is the technology that powers it. This forum offers you a community to discuss privacy and trust needs and share ideas with other policy-minded experts.

Number of Topics: 8

Number of Posts: 16

Identity Developers

Speak geek in this forum focused on technical conversation about the Liberty Federation and Liberty Identity Web Services standards, as well as the many services available to work with them.

Number of Topics: 3

Number of Posts: 7


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