The Identity Assurance Special Interest Group has being formed, alongside the Identity Assurance Expert Group, as a public SIG within the Liberty Alliance to continue and extend the Trust Framework of the EIAP (Electronic Identity Authentication Partnership), the Credential Assessment Framework of the US E-Authentication Initiative, and other industry contributions, into a harmonized, best-of-breed industry standard operational framework for managing trusted credentials across identity federations to foster inter-federation on a global scale.

The IASIG’s goal is to a public forum for discussion that will allow for feedback into the IAEG, as the IAEG works to provide organizations with a uniform means of relying on digital credentials issued by a variety of identity providers (aka credential service providers) in order to advance trusted identity federation among public and private sector organizations. Interoperability of e-authentication systems is essential to the cost-effective operation of safe and secure systems that perform essential electronic transactions and tasks across industry lines. This public dialogue is very important for gathering use case needs, feedback on proposals, and general marketplace guidance to drive the work of the IAEG.

To accomplish this, this group will be a key review party for the deliverables of the IAEG, providing feedback, input and other relevant suggestions as the IAEG drives toward voting, publication and outreach around their key deliverables.

Join the group here.


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