Federated identity management was an early driver behind the formation of the Liberty Alliance, and we have worked hard to understand the marketplace needs, create specifications that address real business issues, and drive convergence in this space. We believe that federation, when implemented well, can reduce costs, increase security, strengthen the user experience, and in many cases open doors for new business offerings. This has been proven to be the case repeatedly in Liberty-based deployments.

We have also recognized the importance of collaboration and the drive toward convergence in the identity industry, with an aim toward helping our members and their customers more easily, effectively, and successfully implement federated solutions that solve real business needs. As such, we submitted our final version of federation specifications, ID-FF 1.2, to OASIS for inclusion in SAML 2.0. Additionally, we developed support for SAML 2.0 in our Identity Web Services Framework standards, completing the cycle and offering a full solution to deployers.

We strongly support continued success in federated deployments, and focus much of our current work in federation focuses on the interoperability of commercial products through our Liberty Interoperable™ program, which includes SAML 2.0 conformance testing, and increasing marketplace understanding of federation.

Additional Resources

For an overview of the relationship between ID-FF, SAML2, and ID-WSF 2.0, please see the discussion in the Federation section of Strategic Initiatives. Liberty Alliance ID-FF 1.2 Specifications:
Now more than one billion Liberty-enabled devices and identities Adoption
ID-FF 1.1 Interoperable Product Table ID-FF 1.1 Interoperable Product Table
ID-FF 1.2 Interoperable Product Table
The initiatives put forth in the Liberty Alliance Project have applications in real-world scenarios. Case Studies
This tutorial was created for developers looking for a quick entry point. Liberty Quick Start
RSA Conference – Federated Identity: Evolving Past Industry Strife
Governments across the globe are adopting SAML 2.0 as the standard-of-choice in their federation solutions. This panel-based presentation is comprised of four case studies that provide an overview of current deployment scenarios and roadmaps governments have put in place for the wide scale deployment of SAML 2.0. Open standards are helping governments meet regional regulatory demands and vendors worldwide are helping to facilitate the adoption of SAML 2.0 technologies. SAML 2.0 – Standard-of-choice in the Public Sector
SAML 2.0 vs WS-Fed comparison  

•  SAML 2.0 vs WS-Fed comparison >



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