Within every identity-based deployment, there are technical, business and policy considerations. Finding a common ground to facilitate conversation between these three groups–so that business objectives are met, laws are complied with, security and privacy is protected, and technology is properly in place and interoperable with other systems–is a constant challenge facing deploying organizations. Liberty Alliance was founded with expert groups focused in all of these areas, driving conversation and output to meet the needs of these various audiences, and to enable them to speak constructively with each other. This area supplies some of the tools and output created through these efforts, with additional materials available in the Privacy, Trust & Security section, as well as within the specifications themselves.

Additional Resources

Given the amount of personal information under consideration with federated implementations, Liberty has developed Deployment Guidelines for implementers with an eye toward the privacy considerations  


This document provides guidance on suggested business structures and terminology for a Liberty enabled technology deployment necessary to create a legally binding Circle of Trust (CoT). Its purpose is to facilitate a Liberty enabled deployment of identity management specifications and technology by assisting stakeholders and their legal and executive management teams in the identification of the legal structure best suited for their deployment. Such structures and contractual agreements among participating parties serve to create a trusted and legally binding relationship among the participants.  


This paper provides a privacy policy taxonomy and an overview of XML-based syntaxes. It also provides a thorough review of the on Liberty ID-WSF as a Privacy Policy Framework.  


Dr. rer. nat. Hellmuth Broda
Distinguished Director and CTO, Strategic Insight Office, Sun Microsystems Inc
Spokesperson and Member, Business Marketing Expert Group, Liberty Alliance




TIME: 8:00-9:00am Pacific Standard Time

PRESENTERS: Christine Varney, Partner, Hogan & Hartson, & Robin Wilton, Sun Microsystems


Mar 28
Legal Frameworks Guidance: Translating Between Legal and Business Language
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Now more than one billion Liberty-enabled devices and identities Adoption
The Liberty Specifications Were Built with Privacy in Mind. Privacy, Trust & Security
The Liberty Alliance today released a framework document designed to help organisations address the legal considerations involved in deploying federated identity management systems.  

Mar 6
Liberty Alliance intros legal framework for ID management >


The Liberty Alliance Project has published a document outlining the legal issues enterprises should consider when networking their Web applications and identity systems with those of other businesses. The primer on creating circles of trust raises awareness around issues such as privacy, technical terminology, indemnification and dispute resolution, the organization said.  

Mar 6
Liberty Alliance offers guide for identity roll-out
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CPNI Conference 2007  

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