Liberty Alliance Resources

Developer Resources Liberty Specifications
A complete listing of all current specifications, architectural diagram, whitepapers, etc.Liberty Alliance Technology Tutorial
An overview and walk–through of the Liberty Architecture and each of its specifications.Liberty ID-WSF Intro
An overview showing the interaction of ID-FF, ID-WSF, plus an example of a product built on the Liberty Alliance Standards.Identity systems and Liberty Specification Version 1.1 Interoperability
This whitepaper seeks to address some of the emerging Identity Management technical approaches and how the latest version of Liberty Alliance Project specifications can coexist with these other technical approaches.Liberty Alliance Development Listserv Archive – non-members

Liberty Alliance Development Listserv Archive – members only
(Requires a Liberty member login account to view)

Liberty Alliance Member Donated ResourcesDeploying Mobile Web Services Using Liberty Alliance
This whitepaper introduces how mobile operators can benefit from having device-based, Liberty-enabled Identity Web Services.

A Brief Introduction to Liberty
This document gives an introduction to the Liberty Version 1 specifications. It briefly discusses some of the underlying technologies, including HTTP, the establishment of Web connections, and SSL. Liberty Version 1 technologies are presented in overview, along with a brief discussion of Liberty security characteristics, including a review of the risks in single sign-on systems.

HP Federated Identity Whitepaper
This paper explores the concepts of digital identity management, examines industry driving trends, discusses various models of deployment, and shines light on the work of the Liberty Alliance Project as a basis for a comprehensive solution.

Phaos Identity Management Security Solutions

Risks Presented by Single Sign-On Architectures
This document gives a simple and brief treatment of the risks presented by single sign-on architectures.

ROI and Identity Management
Leading organizations are deploying identity management solutions now. Over the course of the next 18 months, the ROI associated with these deployments will shift. Organizations that move fast will reduce their risk, improve their overall competitive posture, and make themselves a more attractive trading partner.

Security and Privacy Concerns of Internet Single Sign-On
A modestly detailed survey, painted in the context of Liberty v1.

An open-source Java toolkit for enabling Liberty protocol v1.2 single sign-on and federated identity exchange.


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