Identity Theft Prevention Working Group

The online identity theft problem is too big and growing too quickly to be solved by one vendor or one initiative. Liberty Alliance formed a new group, the Identity Theft Prevention Group, with the belief that when the industry works together, the majority of online identity theft issues will be solved faster and on a broader scale.

The group is designed to serve as a hub for the global effort against identity theft and will be attacking issues from multiple perspectives in a collaborative, open, and vendor neutral environment.

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Identity Theft Primer
This paper, written by the Identity Theft Prevention Special Interest Group of the Liberty Alliance, clearly explains how a cross-organizational and vendor-neutral method of approaching the challenge of identity theft can work where piecemeal approaches will not. It includes a detailed identity theft matrix that explores the various types of identity theft and possible mitigating strategies, as well as an identity theft lifecycle that presents the various stages of the identity theft problem.

Appendix A: Glossary of Attack Vectors
This document provides a glossary of terms used in the discussion of Identity Theft, and is meant to service as a companion piece to the Identity Theft Primer.

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Check back regularly for upcoming Identity Theft Workshops and Events

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