The Liberty Alliance has gained wide acceptance across many industries from around the globe. This acceptance is particularly well represented in the mobile space, where Liberty is recognized as the de facto standard for identity services. This support is not surprising given the strong business case that Liberty offers to mobile providers wishing to provide Liberty-defined identity services, either to service providers and/or SIM services to other identity providers. Liberty specifications not only immediately benefit access control and data services (i.e. remote payment, geolocation) for mobile operators, but also offer an improved identity solution at the right cost, benefiting the entire mobile ecosystem.

Press Releases and News

Liberty Alliance Delivers Mobile Business Guidelines for Federated Identity Deployments
Liberty’s Open Standard Paves the Way for Identity-Based Mobile Services
Date: February 25, 2004

Radicchio to Submit M-Commerce and Security Standards Work to the Liberty Alliance Project
Date: October 14, 2003

Identity Federation Provides Greater Mobility for Internet Users
Bjorn Wigforss
Source: Wireless Europe
Date: September 10, 2004

Mobile Web Services Reign at CTIA
Source: Internet News
Date: March 22, 2004

Mobile Groups Join Liberty Alliance
Source: Mobile Pipeline News
Date: March 18, 2004

Liberty Mobile Related Documents

Liberty Workshop: Liberty Alliance and the Mobile Marketplace

Welcome & Overview
Andrew Shikiar, Membership Director, Liberty AllianceHistory of Liberty and the Mobile Community
Ian Nordman, Sr. Business Development Manager, NokiaLiberty Use Cases & Business Models
Fulup Ar Foll, Master Architect, Sun MicrosystemsCase Study: France Telecom Liberty strategy & implementation Aude Pichelin, Research & Development, France TelecomCase Study: Telenor demo and implementation plansEnabling Messaging Privacy & Security with Liberty Technology Overview and Demonstration
Antonio Navarro, CEO, Symlabs

Presentation from 2005 3GSM World Conference:
Includes Case Studies and an overview of how Liberty specifications address the needs of the mobile community.

Liberty Business Guidelines – Mobile Deployments
Provides generic guidance and information sources – legislation and articles – for examining the broad federated identity business issues within the mobile services industry, as generally identified by the Alliance.

FT Orange 2005 3GSM presentation
Orange outlines their implementaiton of Liberty Standards to their network.

Teleconference Presentation from March 23, 2005 (mp3)

Identity-based Web services for the Mobile Ecosystem
A presentation given at 3GSM 2004, giving an overview of Liberty and the technical and business view of identity and the mobile world.

Nokia Web Services Framework for Devices
This document describes a new framework for part of the next-generation of Nokia mobile software platforms.

Deploying Mobile Web Services using Liberty Alliance
This white paper introduces how mobile operators can benefit from having device-based, Liberty-enabled Identity Web Services.

Nokia Web Services – Helping operators mobilize the Internet
This white paper focuses on the opportunities for mobile network operators.Liberty Mobile Demonstrations

Web Services Demonstration Video (2.8mb WMV)
This video shows how the user can be authenticated, discover, and consume the AOL streaming radio services, with a one-click-access and with a Nokia 6600/6620. Pilot done in collaboration with AOL, Nokia, SUN and Trustgenix.

Other Featured Verticals:

Healthcare – Liberty’s federated identity standards and business guidelines focus on privacy, confidentiality and security, offering the flexible, secure and open infrastructure that is required to support and manage online services and transactions that are necessary in healthcare. Read More

The Identity Theft Prevention Group – The Liberty Alliance Project, a global consortium for open identity standards and identity-based Web services has formed a cross-organizational work group focused exclusively on curbing misuse of identity theft information. Read More


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