Adoption of Liberty specifications isn’t limited to the vertical sectors we’ve spelled out. A lot of work is being done across sectors, some of it with proof of concepts (POCs), other in reasonably mature deployments. The benefits of added security and privacy, as well as the myriad of ROI benefits that are being realized along with new business opportunities, are driving more and more organizations to explore what the open Liberty standards can do for their projects. Watch for continued additions in this tracker as more of these deployments become public.

In the chart below, please note that "Liberty Federation" is used to indicate any of the standards in the Liberty Federation family of specs (ID-FF 1.x, 2.0 and SAML 2.0).

Organization Description Technology Reach
Assemble Assemble is a developer of digital management services and products for Danish e-government. SAML 2.0
Bechtel An identity solution for suppliers to do self-registration. It includes a workflow that allows Bechtel to validate the information they supply and to make sure it's associated with the right groups internally. Bechtel also runs a large reverse auction, for which identities tend to be transient. They are looking at a federated model to better manage those identities. Liberty Alliance protocols, Unisys
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ConAgra Foods, Inc ConAgra is using Rearden’s Personal Assistant to book travel and manage expenses. SAML 2.0 for federation 11,000 U.S. employees across 450 locations
DuPont de Nemours & Company Federation using SAML 2.0 Artifact Binding Environment SAML 2.0
EG EG is an IT solutions provider specializing in ERP. They support Denmark’s e-government initiative. SAML 2.0
Global Consumer Products Company (Beverage) SSO and federation for business partners that supply services (data providers, HR, and other outsource applications) SAML 2.0
Global Engineering /Construction/ Project Management Company HR Portal with SSO to increase productivity and security. Liberty Federation
Lakebridge Limited Works on IDM projects supporting SAML 2.0 SAML 2.0
Lakebridge Limited Consulting firm that builds IDM solutions SAML 2.0
Large Aerospace Manufacturing and Government Contractor Liberty Federation
Large Digital Imaging and Film Organization POC Liberty Federation
Large Research and Engineering Organization Multiple POC's Liberty Federation
Large Supplier to the Semi-Conductor Industry Liberty Federation
Legal Intelligence Legal Intelligence is a SaaS provider based in the Netherlands. Legal Intelligence provides search solutions for the legal industry. It provides SSO via Ping Federate for its online search applications. Supports SAML 2.0 via PingFederate
Linagora Open source IDM and federation projects SAML 2.0
Ogilvy & Mather Ogilvy, one of the largest advertising agencies in the world, is federating with clients on a per demand basis. Currently SAML 1.1; moving to SAML 2.0 External federation with one major agency client via Liberty Federation
Proctor & Gamble Developed its own federated identity management system and is moving to SAML
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TopCoder TopCoder is a company which administers contests in computer programming. TopCoder hosts weekly online algorithm competitions — known as SRMs or "single round matches" — as well as weekly competitions in design and development. The work in design and development produces useful software which is licensed for profit by TopCoder. SAML 2.0