Liberty Alliance Phase I 1.0 Specifications

Liberty Alliance Phase I 1.0 Specifications - Complete ZIP File : (1.99 Mb) Contains the complete specification set, including errata edition 00. (Note: The zip file does not include the standalone XML Schema Definitions.)

Liberty Alliance Version 1.0 Specification suite - Individual Specifications

  • draft-liberty-version-1-errata-00.pdf : Draft Liberty Errata is a document that lists errata in the Liberty v1.0 specification set. This is not an authoritative document, nor a final version, but a precursor for changes that will likely be included in a next revision of the Liberty v1 specification set.
  • liberty-architecture-overview-v1.0.pdf : Liberty Architecture Overview is a non-normative architectural overview to Liberty that describes the protocols and offers policy and security guidance.

Additionally, the XML Schema Definitions are provided:

Liberty Alliance Specifications - Developer Resources, Feedback, and Policies

This folder contains information and links to developer resources, feedback mechanisms, and policies associated with the Liberty specifications.