Liberty ID-WSF Multi-Device SSO Deployment Guide

Initial Public Draft

Liberty ID-WSF Multi-Device SSO Deployment Guide, Version 1.0 - Draft Release - Complete ZIP File : Contains the initial public draft of the Liberty ID-WSF Multi-Device SSO Deployment Guide Version 1.0 and schema. These are draft specifications, subject to final approval and vote by membership, and public comment is welcome and encouraged.

Note that the MDSSO draft depends on definitions, schema, and other materials from the ID-WSF 2.0 Specifications.

You can submit comments about this draft MDSSO deployment guide.

Liberty Alliance MDSSO Deployment Guide 1.0 - Draft Release - Individual Documents

Liberty Alliance Specifications - Support Documents and Utility Schema Files

This folder contains all the support documents and utility schema files used in the various Liberty Alliance Specifications.

Liberty Alliance Specifications - Developer Resources, Feedback, and Policies

This folder contains information and links to developer resources, feedback mechanisms, and policies associated with the Liberty specifications.