[liberty-dev] ID-FF WSDL Review and Proposed changes

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Date Tue, 3 Aug 2004 16:34:09 -0400
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From: davis mcpherson
Sent: Tuesday, August 03, 2004 9:58 AM

I have begun a review of the wsdl/xsd files provided on the Project 
Liberty site with a goal of insuring they
are correct, conform to the specs and conform to WS-I Basic Profile.... 
following are the initial set of issues
i have encountered....please comment



>       1) the 'part' element for each 'message' element has a 'type' 
> attribute which defines the
>           structure of the message ...however the value of this 'type' 
> attribute was an element  not a type.
>           e.g.
>                <message name="authenticationResponse">
>                       <part name="body" type="iff:AuthnResponseEnvelope"/>
>               </message>
>         i changed these to use the 'element' attribute as shown:
>        <message name="authenticationResponse">
>               <part name="body" element="iff:AuthnResponseEnvelope"/>
>       </message>
>       2) the Logout message operation element did not match the spec.  The 
> spec says that the response
>            is a LogoutResponse but the .wsdl had a AuthenticationResponse 
> element defined as the output:
>               i.e.
>                        <operation name="Logout">
>                                       <input message="tns:LogoutRequest"/>
>                               <output message="tns:authenticationResponse"/>
>                       </operation>
>           i changed this to:
>                        <operation name="Logout">
>                                       <input message="tns:LogoutRequest"/>
>                               <output message="tns:LogoutResponse"/>
>                        </operation>
>       3) there was no 'binding' element... i copied the binding element 
> from an earlier version of this file...If a binding
>            element is included do we want to change the soap:binding style 
> attribute to 'document'?  in the earlier version
>            i have seen it is defined as 'rpc'
>       i've tested this with the Apache Axis WSDL2Java code generator and it 
> is processed fine...i plan to test with
>       other web services toolkits but will not get to that for a couple of 
> weeks...

davis mcpherson
Chief Architect
Epok, Inc.

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