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Date Thu, 5 Aug 2004 21:27:51 -0400
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From: Martin Kellermann
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Hi folks,
there is another question regarding Liberty that posed during my research
lately that I could not figure out yet. I hope you can help me out. This
time I am looking into the Liberty Web Services Framework in particular the
Discovery Service. Web Service Consumer (WSC) can use the Discovery Service
to obtain the location of a certain resource belonging to a specific
principle. Basically the requesting WSC sends a Query message specifying
which resource it is looking for (ResourceID) and receives a QueryResponse
message with a list of ResourceOfferings.

Let's assume there is a website A and a user Joe. User Joe is registered at
website A. After a while Joe's postal address stored at website A are not up
to date anymore. With Joe's consent website A wants to obtain Joe's new
postal address from Joe's Attribute Provider (AP) and subsequently employees
a discovery service. But how can website A specify the ResourceID (has to
identify Joe's postal address)

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