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Date Fri, 6 Aug 2004 15:02:53 -0400
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Title: [liberty-dev] Liberty ID-WSF
From: Martin Kell
Sent: Friday, August 06, 2004 2:24 PM
First I want to thank you for your swift reply but unfortunately you did not address my problem. I guess my question was kind of ambiguous. Well let me try again.
I understood that the DS QueryResponse contains the actual ResourceIDs of the matching resources, in this  case all resources that specify Joe’s new postal address.
But I do not understand how website A “tells” the Discovery Service that it wants to have Joe’s new postal address.
My thoughts:
The RequestedServiceType element in the DS Query is optional. Therefore it can not be used to specify the requesters desire. (Makes sense since Joe’s new postal address can possibly be obtain via different services)
Leaves only the ResourceID in the DS Query to tell the DS what kind of resource the requester is looking for. Somehow the ResourceID must be related to the principle and the resource content.
This resourceID was probably created when the user or a website acting on behalf of the user inserted the resource offering entry into the discovery resource. Does this mean the user nows the ResourceID and everytime website A wants to update Joe’s postal address, Joe has to provide the ResourceID? Do not believe so but how else does it work.
Hope this is unambiguous.

From: on behalf of Dar. Champ
Sent: Fri 8/6/2004 7:09 AM
To: LibertyDev
Subject: [liberty-dev] Liberty ID-WSF

From: Coni P.
Sent: Friday, August 06, 2004 7:53 AM

> Let’s assume there is a website A and a user Joe. User Joe is
> registered at website A. After a while Joe’s postal address
> stored at website A are  not up to date anymore. With Joe’s
> consent website A wants to obtain Joe’s new postal address
> from Joe’s Attribute Provider (AP) and subsequently employees
> a discovery service. But how can website A specify the
> ResourceID (has to identify Joe’s postal address)

The ResourceID included on the DS Query request is Joe’s
resource at the Discovery Service.

The ResourceID for Joe’s data at the PIP is included in the
ResourceOffering returned from the DS in response to the Query.

Website A would then use the ResourceID in the RO to invoke
the data query at the PIP to obtain the current postal address.


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