The benefits of the Liberty specifications are being enjoyed by educational institutions across the globe, as these institutions seek to deliver new options to their students, better means of communicating privately and security between staff, and lower overall administrative costs.

In the chart below, please note that “Liberty Federation” is used to indicate any of the standards in the Liberty Federation family of specs (ID-FF 1.x, 2.0 and SAML 2.0).

Organization Description Technology Reach
ACM Digital Library ACM delivers resources that advance computing as a science and a profession. The Digital Library is a vast collection of citations and full text from ACM journal and newsletter articles and conference proceedings. Integrates RBAC and SAML for access management to open systems
Blackboard Learning Systems A comprehensive e-learning software platform Liberty specifications

•  Blackboard Learning Systems >
Cambria Rowe Business College Deploying Google Apps for Education SAML 2.0 for SSO

•  Cambria Row >
CRU Federation The CRU federation is the national federation for the French higher education institutions. It is Shibboleth-based and reaches 202 institutions. Some French higher institutions are just now developing the underlying identity management services and procedures required to integrate the CRU federation. The French government recommends Liberty Alliance. CRU is investigating interoperability between Shibboleth and Liberty Alliance.
DAMe, Deploying Authorization Mechanisms for Federated Services in the eduroam Architecture The main goal of this project is to define a unified authentication and authorization system for federated services hosted in the eduroam network. Those federated services can range from network access control to distributed services like Grid Computing. The aim of the project is to define a global SSO mechanism based on already deployed mechanisms and architectures. DAMe is a project that builds upon previous TERENA, GN2, Internet2 and University of Murcia work. It includes Shibboleth and NAS-SAML, a network access control approach for AAA environments, developed by the University of Murcia, based on the SAML and XACML standards. There’s an eduroam in Europe. An Asia-Pacific deployment is progressing quite quickly. In the USA, eduroam is being tested.

•  DAMe >
•  DAME2 >
•  DAME >
Dutch Public Libraries All Dutch public libraries use A-Select. Primary and higher educational institutions will also join the A-Select federation. Upcoming pilot will use SAML 2.0
Educarchile (Chile) Educarchile, created by the Chilean Ministry of Education and Fundación Chile, was founded in order to diminish the digital gap among the poorer schools and students in Chile by spreading the use of communication technologies with educational purposes. They installed Google Apps for Education including SSO. SSO is SAML 2.0-based

•  Educarchile >
EduGAIN (GEANT2 AA infrastructure) Connects existing identity federations, in a way that that strongly supports interoperability with existing AAI solutions. The AAI federation-aware software to which eduGAIN will provide interfaces includes Shibboleth (Internet2), PAPI (RedIRIS), Moria (UNINETT) and A-Select (SURFnet). Currently using SAML 1.1, using this experience to move to EduGain V2 and SAML 2.0

•  EduGAIN >
Eduserv Athens Athens is an Access and Identity Management service that is supplied by Eduserv to provide single sign-on to protected educational resources combined with full user management capability. Liberty Federation and Shibboleth 4.5 million users, 300 plus resources, 41 million authentication calls per month

•  Eduserv Athens >
EduTech EduTech is deploying Liberty Federation within the New York state education agencies, working in collaboration with 11 other Regional Information Centers (RICs) that are responsible for providing technology services to the 700+ public school districts in New York. Liberty Federation 10,000

•  EduTech-CaseStudy.pdf 435.21 kB
•  IDDY – Edutech.pdf 369.68 kB
EifEL (European Institute for E-Learning) provides a framework of tools to support the development of learning for individuals, communities, and organizations EifEL is supporting Liberty Federation with many programs. EIfEL linking its portal (2000 users) via federation to the eLearning QualityFoundation portal (hosted by European Schoolnet). It’s also planning on deploying Liberty federation in Posillipo (building a community of eStrategist in eLearning) and Mosep (which is about self-esteem for young adults (16 to 18 years old). They are also exploring the idea of building a new ID-SIS for Europass CV using the Liberty ID-WSF. Currently Liberty Federation. Adding Liberty Identity Web Services and ID-SIS.
Federations Commons Funded by Sun to implement interoperability between Shibboleth 1.3 and the Sun Federation Manager 7. Federation Manager 7 supports SAML 2.0

•  Federation Commons >
Feide Cross Federation Demonstration A demo of both SPs and IdPs located in Spain (RedIRIS) using PAPI, Norway (Feide) using SUN Access Manager and SAML 2.0 and Switzerland (SWITCH) using Shibboleth.

•  Fiede Cross Federation >
GEARS This project seeks to improve competitiveness of the Mechanical Engineering sector in France, Italy, Sweden and the UK. GEARS has developed a Liberty Alliance plug in. This plug-in relies on lasso-php library ( from Entr’ouvert.

•  GEARS >
Google Apps for Education Google Apps for Education is a platform entirely hosted by Google students, faculty, and staff with email, chat, and web calendaring – all without the hassle of installing and maintaining software and hardware on campus. Liberty Federation Apps for Education are being offered to schools worldwide. The first deployments are at Canada’s Lakehead University, Arizona State University and Thunderbird University (both in Arizona).

•  Google Education >
GridShib is an NSF-funded project between NCSA and the University of Chicago The goal of GridShib is to allow interoperability between the Globus Toolkit® with Shibboleth®. As a result, GridShib enables secure attribute sharing between Grid virtual organizations and higher-educational institutions. The organization is integrating federated authorization infrastructure (Shibboleth) with Grid technology (the Globus Toolkit) to provide attribute-based authorization for distributed scientific communities. It uses SAML 2.0 meta data. Shibboleth and SAML 2.0
Harding University Google Apps for Education SAML 2.0 for single sign on 6100 students

•  Harding University >
Harvard University Harvard’s central Identity Management Group, one of many across campus, was tasked with addressing the evolving demand for SSO, access management, and identity management. A solution to support a two-layered federation model. Balancing consolidation with federation and using SAML, their current SSO solution became an IdP to existing users, and an SP to federate between domains. Thousands of Websites, more than 350,000 users and 24,000 new users using outsourced eservices each year

•  Harvard >
InCommon InCommon eliminates the need for researchers, students, and educators to maintain multiple, password-protected accounts. Online service providers no longer build and manage account provisioning systems. InCommon uses innovative Shibboleth® authentication and authorization systems to enable cost-effective, privacy-preserving collaboration among its community of participants. Focus on support for access to federated services using SAML/Shibboleth 34 academic institutions, 14 sponsor participants

•  InCommon >
Internet2 Internet2 is an advanced networking consortium serving the research and education communities. Internet2 has two implementations of OpenSAML that are freely available under an Apache 2 license (they are OS v1.1 (implementing SAML v1.0 and v1.1), and OS v2.0 (implementing SAML v1.0, v1.1, and v2.0) ). Multiple projects are deploying OS v2.0
JISCS Gateway (UK-based) The mission of the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) is to provide world-class leadership in the innovative use of Information and Communications Technology to support education and research. They are building an online gateway. Shibboleth and Liberty Federation for SSO
Kalmar Union A project connecting the Nordic country academic communities to establish Nordic cross-federation. Finland, Sweden and Denmark build their authentication services on Shibboleth. Feide, in Norway, is the only non-Shibboleth federation. Feide obtained a source code from Federation Commons for a test setup for connecting Feide to the Finnish Haka federation. Federation Commons is funded by Sun to implement interoperability between Shibboleth 1.3 and the Sun Federation Manager.

•  Kalmar Union 3 >
•  Kalmar Union 2 >
•  Kalmar Union 1 >
LionShare Began as an experimental p2p software development project at Penn State University and has now grown to be a collaborative effort between researchers and developers at Penn State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Simon Fraser University, and the Internet2 P2P Working Group. SAML/XACML for authorization

•  LionShare >
Macquerie University The DRAMA team at Macquarie University has released Muradora V1.0, described as a turnkey GUI for the Fedora Repository supporting federated identity and flexible access control. Key Muradora modules include Shibboleth (SAML) authentication for federated identity/single-sign-on, a Fedora authorization framework based on XACML, an extended XACML engine using DB XML for policy enforcement, and web service interfaces for XACML requests and response.

•  Macquerie University >
Manhattan Christian College Google Apps for Education Uses SAML 2.0 for SSO

•  Manhattan Christian College >
Meta Access Management System Project (MAMS) MAMS—The Meta Access Management System Project (MAMS) is backed by Australia’s Department of Education Science and Training (DEST). The project allows for the integration of multiple solutions to managing authentication, authorization and identities, together with common services for digital rights, search services and metadata management. The project provides a ‘middleware’ component to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Australia’s Higher Education research infrastructure federating identities using Liberty Federation and Shibboleth

•  MAMS >
MinID Feide, the Norwegian federated electronic identity program for education is preparing interoperability testing between Feide and MinID, the Norwegian public authentication service. Based on the SAML 2.0 communication protocol and configuring SAML 2.0 Meta Data.

•  MinID >
Northwestern University Identity management solution, Sun Identity Manager Implemented SAML 2.0 federation technologies for internal use, for use with vendors and in preparation for joining InCommon.

•  Northwestern University >
Norwegian Ministry of Education (FEIDE) Single sign on and security across all Norwegian educational institutions, including higher education, research and lower education. Interconnects with the citizen portal, MyPage, achieving secure SSO. Adopting Liberty Federation and Liberty Web Services due to open standard and mandatory compliance testing requirements Go live summer 2006, reaching 53 higher education institutions; 4500 schools; 450 high schools.

•  Uninett – Middleware status in Norway  >
OKI OSID Plans are in the works to create an OKI OSID implementation of SAML 2.0 supporting ID interoperability with Liberty Alliance, Shibboleth, and other ID systems as required for the CSU Digital Marketplace and other federations in higher ed.

•  OKI Project >
Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) Scholars Portal A pilot program for federated identity for Canadian Higher Education, modeled after InCommon, participants include colleges and universities as well as resource providers, 30 active members are in the production environment Open standards-based, SAML 2.0, leveraging Shibboleth
Oxford University (England) Using Google Apps Education including SSO feature SSO is SAML 2.0-based

•  Oxford SAML >
Purdue University Purdue is working on multiple research projects involving Liberty and SAML 2.0. One is called XFederate and it’s a policy engineering framework. SAML 2.0

•  Purdue University >
RedIRIS Spain’s national academic and research network Liberty-enabling research across departments, researchers Liberty interoperable by mid-2006 250 institutions — all staff impacted
Sakai Project Using federation in the development of a secure, community-sourced digital education and collaboration environment. SAML 2.0/Shibboleth 80 academic and 10 commercial partners world-wide.

•  Sakai Project >
San Jose City College Deploying Google Apps for Education Uses SAML 2.0 for SSO

•  San Jose City College >
SMJK Schools (Malaysia) Google Apps for Education SAML 2.0 for single sign on 128,000 students, 7,500 teachers

•  SMJK Schools >
Stockholm University SAML-Registry Stockholm University Opensource is providing a SAML 2.0 metadata management tool for building shibboleth-based federations.

•  Stockholm University >
SURFnet SAML-based federation services for all higher education institutions in The Netherlands Liberty Federation 750,000 users
SWAMID: The Swedish Alliance for Middleware Infrastructure SWAMI, is the organization for middleware cooperation in the Swedish higher education community. The goal of SWAMID is to build a sustainable organizational framework for mutually beneficial, cooperation in matters relating to an infrastructure for authentication and authorization within the Swedish higher education community. SWAMI projects include 1) Development of J2EE-based SAML registry application based on SAML 2.0 Meta Data; 2) Working to establish interest for SAML-based federations in other parts of Swedish society and government; and 3) Integration of new services.

•  SwamID 2 >
•  SwamID >
Swarthmore Running pilot of Google Apps for Education SAML 2.0 for SSO Approximately 1500 students

•  Swarthmore >
Switch, Swiss Education and Research Network Federation project Using the SAML 2.0 metadata format with Shibboleth 1.3 , OpenSAML 2.0 implementation in the works – Java & C++

•  Switch >
Tabulex Tabulex develops technology and solutions for local school systems. The first SAML-enabled solution is a school registration program. Other products in their suite will be enabled via SimpleSamlPHP. Supports SAML 2.0
Thomson Learning, the educational unit of Thomson, the financial and publishing giant Web services project and a federated identity POC A reference architecture developed by Reactivity based on the Liberty Alliance trust model that offers a simple way to preserve and use layered identity with XML Web service

•  Thomson 2 >
•  Thomson 1 >
UK Access Management Federation Membership of the Access Management Federation now exceeds 380, with organizations including the BBC, Microsoft, The Royal College of Surgeons of England and Thomson Scientific having joined. The Federation is operated by JANET (UK) on behalf of JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) and Becta and brings the entire UK education and research sector a step closer to achieving single sign-on to network and online resources. Joining the Federation offers members the option to transition to new open standard access management systems that are SAML 2.0 compliant, such as Shibboleth

•  UK Access Management Federation >
University of Akron Planning to deploy SAML 2.0 in conjunction with ASO for data encryption capabilities Liberty Federation

•  University of Akron >
University of California — Merced Identity management system for all UC Merced users, digital campus SAML 2.0, supports Liberty specifications, Shibboleth too

•  UofC,Merced >
University of New Delhi Google Apps for Education Uses SAML 2.0 for SSO 220,000 students

•  University of New Delhi >
University of St. Thomas, Minnesota Employee access to retirement savings accounts Liberty Federation

•  University of St. Thomas >
University of Virginia Migrating to Google Apps for students and alumni. Single-sign-on using pubcookie. SOAP-based interface to WindowsLive, SAML to Google, using Google’s java app.

•  Univ of VA >

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