eGov World Map

  1. Australia—a Victorian state government project
  2. Belgium—e-services for citizens and employers
  3. Austria—Citizen Card enabling online banking
  4. France—Public Service Portal; National Library, account authorization; Federated Identity for the French National Agency of Research; Cities of Pierrefitte and Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy
  5. China—China Intellectual Property Net; National Development and Reform Commission
  6. SchenZhen City Special Economic Zone (China)—Unified Identity Verification
  7. Denmark—federated services in the public sector
  8. Netherlands—Digital Identity for Citizens; A-Select Authentication System;
    Dutch Public Libraries
  9. Estonia—Electronic ID Card
  10. Korea—Integrated ID Management Services
  11. Finland—Board of Taxes
  12. Germany—Federal Government Employee Application; “Citizen Portal”
    electronic addresses
  13. Iceland—Authentication Processes
  14. Ireland—Reach agency, developing framework for electronic government
  15. Italy—Ministry of Transportation Motorists’ Portal
  16. Massachusetts—e-services for citizens and agencies
  17. New Jersey—Enterprise Identity and Access Management infrastructure
  18. New York—federated multi-agency identity and access management
  19. New Zealand—All-of-government Authentication Program
  20. Norway—My Page portal for accessing personal information; Ministry of
    Government Administration and Reform; Norwegian Ministry of Education;
    Directorate of Public Roads; The Research Council of Norway; The National
    Library; Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry
  21. Portugal—Citizen and agency e-government services
  22. Spain—National Identity Card
  23. California—Enterprise architecture and portal
  24. Pennsylvania—Shared infrastructure services directed towards implementing a consumer-centric approach
  25. United Kingdom—The UK Government Gateway Authentication Service;
    Sunderland City Council Smart Cards for travel and commerce
  26. Sweden—Stockholm Portal
  27. Turkey—Citizen and agency e-services
  28. United States—Federal Government e-authentication and BIPAC
  29. Middle Eastern Country—Security and passport control between people
    crossing the border between two Middle Eastern countries


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