Much of the early innovation with Liberty standards took place inside organizations, as focus was placed upon utilizing these new specifications to implement solutions that saved money and increased productivity inside of the firewall. HR departments recognized the advantages to the security and privacy of Liberty-based deployments, and encouraged their IT departments to implement solutions. HR discussions continue in the public HR-EDU Special Interest Group as well.

In the chart below, please note that “Liberty Federation” is used to indicate any of the standards in the Liberty Federation family of specs (ID-FF 1.x, 2.0 and SAML 2.0).

Organization Description Technology Reach
Insurance Company Working with Datapower/IBM Liberty Federation
ADP A prototype for identity federation using SAML 2.0 and Shibboleth SAML 2.0
American Express Both SSO Intranet ( and Internet (American are Liberty-enabled, productionalized federations with AEFA, partner federations with several organizations are underway. Liberty Federation and Liberty Web Services
Bluegarden, a Norwegian-based provider of Human Resources Management services A service provider offering to companies and government organizations throughout Scandanavia Liberty Federation 1.5 million Scandinavian employees receive their wages and salaries through this solution
Computer Associates (CA) CA is leveraging identity federation & SAML 2.0 for its employees’ access to outsourced services such as employee benefits and other specialized outsourced applications. CA finds federation beneficial not just for the improved user experience resulting from federated SSO but the improved security and control of access to critical outsourced applications and data that is inherent with federation. CA uses CA SiteMinder as an integrated Web access management system & federation platform for its employees around the world and has baked federation into its strategy for enabling outsourcing and partnering going forward.
Global Engineering/Construction/Project Management Company HR Portal with SSO to increase productivity and security. Liberty Federation
GM My Socrates employee portal (multiple initiatives) Liberty Federation 70,000 North American Employee

•  Federated Single Sign-On Shifts GM into High Gear >
•  gm_MARCH07.pdf 484.93 kB
HP Single IdM implementation for the customer identity management system for HP with horizontal process and shared services across all web sites. Service growing at 700K users/month, with major ROI returns as well as increased security and new business opportunities. Liberty Federation 21 million users in the system as of March 2006(customers, employees, suppliers, partners, and managed services), with 700K being added monthly

•  2006_03_01_HP_case_study_en_masse_federation_audio.mp3 4.22 MB
Intel SSO and federation project impacting Intel employees, moving in stages to impact suppliers and others with Circles of Trust. Liberty Federation

•  Intel_casestudyFINAL.pdf 119.56 kB
Mercer Consulting The Mercer-hosted portal enables the client’s employees to perform a single sign-on (SSO) and securely access their accounts at up to 10 benefit provider websites. Liberty Federation
Milliman Benefits Resource Center Milliman provides outsourced retirement plan administration. They are using federated identity to seamlessly offer services indirectly through new distribution partners and their individual brands. Liberty Federation through RSA Federated Identity Manager JP Morgan and another top ten banking institution are the first to deploy the solution. Within one year, Milliman projects that 600,000 people will access their retirement accounts via federated identity.
Rearden Commerce Rearden Commerce’s Personal Assistant allows an organization’s employees to maintain control over their credentials, easily collaborate with others and securely purchase services from a network of more than 137,000 service merchants. Rearden Commerce exposes SAML and WS-Federation endpoints with the Rearden Personal Assistant relying on PingFederate for multi-protocol support and proven interoperability.

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•  RC_IDDY_Deck.pdf 6.42 MB
StarAlliance Federation for employees of Star Alliance. Working with member airlines of the Star Alliance for next phase, which will allow federation for customers across Star Alliance members. Liberty Federation

•  Digital ID World 2004 Conference Presentations >
Sun Microsystems Internal HR/portal project to help facilitate the security of outsourcing, help reduce some work for application teams, and help reduce support costs. Liberty Federation

Trinet Provider of human resources services to Fortune 1000 and mid-sized companies working with Ping. Liberty Federation

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