Oil & Gas

Within the Oil & Gas sector, there are many new and interesting projects emerging, as effective identity management strategies are being utilized to help with regulatory compliance, cost reduction and new business processes and procedures.

In the chart below, please note that “Liberty Federation” is used to indicate any of the standards in the Liberty Federation family of specs (ID-FF 1.x, 2.0 and SAML 2.0).

Organization Description Technology Reach
Chevron Chevron is working to improve connectivity with other companies in the energy industry. They are developing a community of interest federation model. SAML 2.0 is part of the pilot
GeoFederation Energy Sector organization, initial focus on collaboration within international oil and gas companies, common access to data and applications provided among partners involved in major exploration and production; looking for efficiency, greater security, In early 2006, conducted test lab for interoperability across domains, using all common products and technologies. SAML 2.0 for upcoming pilot

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