The real estate community has recognized the value of open standards in enabling new services to participating realtors and customers, who demand secure and private access to critical information. Profiled here are some of the innovative adopters of Liberty technologies.

Organization Description Technology Reach
Coherent Systems Deploying SAML 2.0 tool kit
Court House Retrieval System (CRS) CRS, in conjunction with Rapattoni, is employing federation to share data between their respective real estate software platforms. SAML 2.0 8,000 members of the Tucson Association of Realtors and growing.

•  Court House Retrieval System >
eLynx New uSign release removes the need for a separate authentication step for borrowers who are already authenticated into the lender’s customer portals This process is done via single sign on (SSO) technology in compliance with SAML.

•  eLYNX >
FBS Data Systems Deploying the SAML 2.0 tool kit

•  FBS Data Systems >
Fidelity A large MLS service provider Deploying Clareity’s SAML 2.0 toolkit

•  Fidelity MLS >
InternetCrusade A tools, systems and hosting resource for real estate professionals; single sign-on (SSO) access between its members and Rapattoni Corporation’s SSO identity portals for participating MLS clients across the country. SAML 2.0 60,000 professionals

•  InternetCrusade >
MarketLinx Information technology company supporting the real estate industry. Integrating Clareity’s SAML 2.0 toolkit into their offerings.

•  MarketLinx >
Metropolitan Regional Information Services Metropolitan Regional Information Services, the largest MLS in the US, is incorporating SSO using the Clareity SAML toolkit in conjunction with their rollout of strong authentication. SAML 2.0

•  Metro Regional Information Services >
National Association of Realtors NAR contracted with Clareity Security to develop and release a free software toolkit to facilitate open-standards-based Single Sign-On (SSO).This release will be the culmination of over a year of work coordinating cooperation among many leading real estate software vendors. This technology, when integrated with real estate software, will allow people using multiple applications to log in once for all applications. SAML 2.0

•  National Association of Realtors >
NorthstarMLS Implementing IdP using the Clareity SAML toolkit. This IdP will facilitate current and future SSO needs for their members. 20,000 real estate professionals in the Twin Cities area
Point2 Point2 is a national marketing and advertising platform for real estate professionals. SSO using SAML toolkit 158,535 members in 85 countries

•  Point2 >
Rapattoni SSO in all of Rapattoni Web-based programs allowing users of Rapattoni Internet Member Services, Rapattoni MLS association sites, and Rapattoni Secure Logon systems to log on once and move freely between Web sites without having to log on again. SAML 2.0, PingFederate Rapattoni serves more than 250,000 real estate professionals.
RE FormsNet (REFN) Providing SAML 2.0 enabled SSO access to their suite of forms and products that serve real estate professionals SAML 2.0

•  REFN >
Tarasoft Canadian-based MLS service provider Deploying Clareity’s SAML 2.0 toolkit

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