Many companies in the technology sector are finding advantages to implementing identity-focused solutions in their organizations. Be it cost savings, productivity gains, or new business opportunities, federation and identity Web services are delivering strong returns to these hi-tech IT vendors, both internally and as they interact with their customers and partners.

In the chart below, please note that “Liberty Federation” is used to indicate any of the standards in the Liberty Federation family of specs (ID-FF 1.x, 2.0 and SAML 2.0).

Organization Description Technology Reach
CA (Computer Associates) CA has used federation effectively for years, building annually upon its success. CA is leveraging identity federation & SAML 2.0 for its employees’ access to outsourced services such as employee benefits and other specialized outsourced applications. CA finds federation beneficial not just for the improved user experience resulting from federated SSO but the improved security and control of access to critical outsourced applications and data that is inherent with federation. Most recently it has invested in large scale enterprise application for better user portal experience, to leverage existing Single Sign-on infrastructure to access outsourced 3rd party applications, to consolidate user identities across systems, for user authentication of internal and external users into SAP Portal, and for external user password reset and forgotten password services CA uses SAML 2.0 with CA SiteMinder as an integrated Web access management system & federation platform for its employees around the world and has baked federation into its strategy for enabling outsourcing and partnering going forward. Extensive–for example, in 2008 there are 20+ SAML Federation Sites
CapeClear EBS platform technology Supports SAML 2.0

•  CapeClear >
DatR DatR is a digital virtual locker for digital media content enabling users to store, access, publish and transfer files to YouTube and MySpace, eBay and elsewhere via Intenet or mobile platforms. It is being developed by AgileCo. Users are authenticated via Liberty/SAML
Enterprise Single Sign On Engine (ESOE) The ESOE is an advanced system which allows an enterprise to meet its individual goals for integrated identity management, SSO, authorization, federation and accountability for resource access in a very extensible manner. The ESOE was originally developed at and for the Queensland University of Technology (Australia) to further its goals in advanced research and collaboration over electronic networks with other universities and business around the world. The ESOE is built using SAML 2.0 with an authorization engine built around a reduced version XACML 2.0. The ESOE can integrate identity from unlimited repositories, automatically create sessions for users who are logged into Active Directory, provide for centralized authorization policy management and natively federate with technologies such as Shibboleth and OpenID.
eRX Electronic land records exchange Liberty ID-WSF

•  eRX 2 >
•  eRX 1 >
GOOGLE The Google Search Appliance supports native, SAML-based interfaces for authentication and authorization. Their SAML 2.0 based-provider interface leverages the emerging XML standards to allow for third party user authentication and external results authorization. Liberty Federation Hundreds of corporate customers deploy this application

•  Google >
Google Apps for Your Domain A SAML-based Single Sign-On (SSO) service that provides partner companies with full control over the authorization and authentication of hosted user accounts that access Web-based applications (like GMail or Calendar). Using the SAML model, Google acts as the service provider and provides services such as Gmail and Partner Start Pages (PSP). Google partners act as identity providers and control usernames, passwords and other information used to identify, authenticate and authorize users for Google hosted web applications. SAML-based SSO

•  Google Apps for Your Domain >
•  Google Uses SAML for Partner SSO >
HP Single IdM implementation for the customer identity management system for HP with horizontal process and shared services across all web sites. Service growing at 700K users/month, with major ROI returns as well as increased security and new business opportunities. Liberty Federation 21 million users in the system as of March 2006(customers, employees, suppliers, partners, and managed services), with 700K being added monthly

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Intel SSO and federation project impacting Intel employees, moving in stages to impact suppliers and others with Circles of Trust. Liberty Federation

•  Intel_casestudyFINAL.pdf 119.56 kB
JBoss (RedHat) JBoss Federated SSO Framework is an open source, end-to-end cross domain single sign on/single sign out using the SAML. Will be implementing full SAML 2.0 support.

•  JBoss2 >
•  JBoss >
Large Records Management and Data Protection Company Liberty Federation
Netamia (Denmark) Net-Safe is a user-centric identity management solution. The goal is to offer the individual user better control and overview of his activities on the internet, including the option to act anonymously or under pseudonyms (virtual identities) in different contexts. Net-Safe has been developed to support identity related services on a fully international basis. The initial beta will, however, be conducted exclusively with existing users of the internet community Heste-Nettet, the major Danish portal for persons interested in horses.

•  Netamia >
Postini Postini, the integrated message management company, supports SAML-based SSO Liberty Federation

•  Postini >
PostX PostX ensures secure electronic delivery of information vital to business and customer relationships. Liberty Phase Two specs

•  PostX > Federation, IDM SAML 2.0

• >
SAP SAP’s Netweaver Application Server supports SAML 2.0, Netweaver Portal 20042 also integrates with Sun’s Java System Access Manager and SAML

•  SAP 2 >
•  SAP 1 >
SugarCRM SSO and identity management Liberty/SAML

•  SugarCRM >
Sun Microsystems Internal HR/portal project to help facilitate the security of outsourcing, help reduce some work for application teams, and help reduce support costs. Liberty Federation

WebEx Using federated identity for secure Web-meetings and on-demand collaboration applications. SAML 2.0

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