As organizations explore the impact that federation and identity Web services can have internally and externally, some interesting applications are emerging. Here are some of the deployments that we are aware of that utilize Liberty standards to achieve new business opportunities, as well as streamline operations and save costs.

In the chart below, please note that “Liberty Federation” is used to indicate any of the standards in the Liberty Federation family of specs (ID-FF 1.x, 2.0 and SAML 2.0).

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Business Guidelines: Raising the Business Requirements for Wide Scale Identity Federation

Organization Description Technology Reach
BMW “Intelligent” car application that can communicate via different tele-providers depending on location SAML 2.0

Carillon Carillon STS uses federation to provide digital security technology and strategy to the global air transport industry. SAML 2.0
Covisint Automotive Trading Hub Covisint provides federation and other services to Daimler Chrysler, Ford and others. It serves 250,000 users, 30,000 supply chain participants in 96 countries. Supports SAML 2.0

•  Covisint 3 >
•  Covisint 2 >
•  Covisint >
Deutsche Post Core security framework for integration infrastructure Evidian, Liberty Alliance standards 280,000 employees
E-Safety Services from GST (Global Systems for Telematics) A number of European automotive companies via the GST worked on Accident Emergency Services project. Renault spearheaded. Supports SAML 2.0, federation

•  GST ESafety 2 >
•  GST E-Safety 1 >
GM All implementations Migrating to Liberty Federation

•  GM_Palo_Alto.pdf 91.87 kB
•  gm_MARCH07.pdf 484.93 kB
GM Dealer Web (in progress) Liberty Federation 14,000 Dealers

•  GM_Tokyo_2004.pdf 47.38 kB
GM My Socrates employee portal (multiple initiatives) Liberty Federation 70,000 North American Employees

•  Federated Single Sign-On Shifts GM into High Gear >
JAL ONLINE Worked with NTT DATA to create a system to improve the efficiency of their travel expense reporting lifecycle from report submission to reimbursement. Liberty Federation

•  ntt_casestudy_web.pdf 325.51 kB
Rolls-Royce Using federation among trusted business partners. SAML 2.0

•  Rolls Royce SC Magazine >
SABRE Travel POC Liberty Federation
Southwest Airlines Southwest has streamlined the way mechanics, engineers and other technical personnel interact with aircraft manufactuer, Boeing. Today they are federating with Boeing to obtain engine drawings, blueprints, manuals and reports. Liberty Federation
StarAlliance Federation for employees of Star Alliance. Working with member airlines of the Star Alliance for next phase, which will allow federation for customers across Star Alliance members. Liberty Federation

•  Digital ID World 2004 Conference Presentations >
Toyota Motor Europe Currently implementing an identity and access management infrastructure and a federation (SAML) services global model. SAML 2.0


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