The Liberty Alliance’s Liberty Interoperable™ program was created with the goal of providing software implementers a confidential environment in which to test their implementations against Liberty’s standards and specifications. The Liberty Alliance is the only global standards organization with a history of ensuring that identity and access management (IAM) implementations have truly out-of-the-box interoperability. Liberty has certified over 70 solutions from numerous vendors and organizations worldwide.

The Liberty Interoperable™ program is operated by our testing partner Drummond Group, Inc. and is open to any organization. In addition to this formal testing program, Liberty members may also take part in private interoperability testing events to further benchmark their implementations.

In order to obtain a successful outcome, companies that enter the program must pass a series of comprehensive interoperability conformance tests. Each testing series involves different implementations assuming each of the several roles necessary to complete a sequence of operations. In order to achieve the interoperability certification for a single role/profile, an implementation must complete the test sequence with all other complementary implementations participating in the event.

Interoperability is a key factor in deploying and managing successful identity systems. Organizations specifying implementations that have met Liberty’s requirements for interoperability can count on solutions that will deploy quickly and immediately interoperate with other Liberty-certified identity solutions. This allows organizations to deploy open federated identity systems faster, more cost-effectively and on the widest possible scale.

The Liberty Interoperable™ program is guided and adjudicated by the Liberty Conformance Review Team (LCRT), a group of technology and business experts appointed by the Liberty Alliance Management Board, with representation from among vendors, non-vendors and government organizations within Liberty Alliance. A presentation on the benefits of full matrix testing is available for review.


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