IDDY Award Judges

DDY Awards Program
IDentity Deployment of the Year

LibertyAlliance IDDY Awards
2006 Judging Panel

The IDDY (IDentity Deployment of the Year) is the industry’s first event to recognize the individuals and organizations responsible for developing and deploying outstanding digital identity management solutions. The program is designed to recognize the Liberty Alliance-based applications that are currently delivering significant and quantifiable identity management value to organizations, citizens and consumers worldwide. Judges for the 2006 IDDY Awards are:

Michael Barrett – CISO, PayPal, Inc.

John Fontana – Senior Editor, Infrastructure, Network World

Gerry Gebel – Service Director-IdPS, Burton Group

George Goodman – President, Liberty Alliance Management Board, Director of the Platform Capabilities Lab, Intel

Paul Madsen – Co-chair, Liberty Alliance Technology Expert Group, Identity Standards Researcher, NTT

Robin Wilton – Public Policy Expert Group Member, Corporate Architect, Sun Microsystems

Christine Varney – Partner, Hogan & Hartson, Washington, D.C.

This panel of identity, technology and policy experts from around the world will work collectively to evaluate applications based on the following criteria.

1) Application meets and/or exceeds objectives established by the development team – (25%)

2) Application demonstrates ROI – (20%)

3) Application provides specific benefits to organizations and/or consumers – (20%)

4) Application successfully addresses identity issues such as reducing/preventing identity theft, helping to meet regulatory requirements, increasing consumer privacy, implementation of Circles of Trust, etc. – (20%)

5) Tools used to develop application demonstrate interoperability and/or have passed the Liberty Conformance Interoperability testing program -(15%)


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