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Increasing regulatory pressures across the globe—recognized cost and time savings associated with federation—demand for privacy and less use of personally identifiable information (PII)—increased business potential from federated identity solutions: these are but a few of the marketplace drivers causing organizations to evaluate their identity management strategies. The opportunity—and the returns—are well-recognized and documented by early deployers who recognize federation as a brilliant technical key that unlocks a myriad of business opportunities. But more business opportunities lay beyond the wall of the enterprise—with true value unlocked and realized when single federations federate with others, transactions occur across corporate/organizational boundaries, and organizations realize the same benefits from a policy basis as federated standards have delivered on the technical front. But how do we get from the dream to the reality?

To answer this opportunity, Liberty Alliance members have worked together with several organizations across the globe to create and release the Identity Assurance Framework (pdf, 808k). In this interactive workshop we’ll quickly review business drivers for the Framework, early adopters of its work, its links to NIST, and the emerging certification program that is being advanced to help define who offers what levels of assurance for identity-based interactions.


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