Liberty Alliance and the Internet Identity Workshop Announce First Jointly Produced Open Space Conference

Event in Vancouver brings together identity experts from Liberty Alliance and the Internet Identity Workshop to facilitate global awareness and understanding of the rapidly evolving identity landscape

San Francisco, CA, May 31, 2006–The Liberty Alliance and the Internet Identity Workshop are pleased to announce the joint production of Identity Open Space July 20 and 21 in Vancouver, Canada, a public “unconference” which will build on which will incorporate the strengths of IIW2005 & IIW2006 and the Global Federation and Web Services Deployment Workshops held regularly around the world by Liberty Alliance. This joint production is designed to broaden the discussion and understanding around user-centric identity and will focus on topics experts in the identity sector come prepared to address.

Topics likely to be discussed at the conference include the many identity issues experts are working on today including technical standards and specifications such as SAML 2.0, ID-WSF, WS*, SXIP/DIX, XRI/XDI, iTags, OpenID; use cases for social networks, enterprises, eCommerce, eGovernment, eHealth; and existing or emerging applications and platforms such as Project Higgins, InfoCard and Liberty Interoperable™ products; Open Source libraries as well as social and policy issues such as contracts, Identity Rights, Identity Commons, regulatory compliance, privacy best practices, and Reputation. Individuals interesting in attending the event can register at

Held in conjunction with Liberty Alliance’s quarterly members’ meeting, Identity Open Space in Vancouver will provide attendees with a highly interactive format in which to explore the topic of user-centric identity with industry leaders, innovators and implementers from across the globe. The proven “unconference” Open Space methodology will allow all attendees to create and participate in an exciting agenda. Participants attending the Open Space conference will also have the opportunity to attend Liberty Alliance’s quarterly meeting, the first time for non-Liberty members to attend meetings that have previously been open only to members.

“Open Space meetings are successful because of the passion, energy and engagement of each and every attendee from the moment they decide to attend through their return to the workplace to implement what they experienced at the event—it’s truly a community-building event that doesn’t end,” explained Kaliya Hamlin, aka Identity Woman, and facilitator of Open Space, “Building on our proven track record, this event will continue to expand participation in the conversation around the rapidly evolving identity landscape.”

Event attendees will be invited to post the topics they want to present or hope others will present ahead of time on the wiki located at A wiki available at will also be used to share information about who is coming so that attendees can begin information exchange and development before the event begins. The conference will begin with face-to-face schedule making, allowing for emerging developments in this rapidly moving field to be covered. More information about the event is available at

The Internet Identity Workshop has been instrumental in the identity marketplace in facilitating quality gatherings that bring together identity thought leaders. Their most recent workshop, held in May 2006 and highly regarded by attendees, focused on user-centric identity and identity in the large—that is, providing identity services between people, websites, and organizations that don’t necessarily have a formalized relationship. Comments from the May 2006 event are available at

Liberty Alliance, a consortium representing companies, non-profit and government organizations from around the world, was created in 2001 to address the technical, business, and policy challenges around federated network identity, including interoperable strong authentication and identity-based Web services. The purpose of the Liberty Alliance is to realize the vision of a networked world in which individuals, businesses, governments and other organizations can more easily conduct identity-enabled transactions while protecting the privacy of individuals (consumers, citizens, employees) and security of identity information. The Liberty Federation and Liberty Web Services specifications with best practices for implementation are widely deployed globally, with more than one billion Liberty-enabled devices and identities expected by the end of 2006.

“By coming together to offer a jointly produced event, Liberty Alliance and the Internet Identity Workshop hope to help further develop and more rapidly refine the advancing, emerging, ever changing conversation around identity,” explained Brett McDowell, director, Liberty Alliance. “There are a lot of amazing minds working to solve the Internet’s ‘identity crisis’, and bringing them together frequently—formally and informally—is helping to drive tremendous progress in a marketplace full of pent-up demand for opportunities with truly empowered end users in the driver’s seat.”

About Liberty Alliance
Liberty Alliance is a global alliance of companies, non-profit and government organizations developing open standards for federated network identity, interoperable strong authentication and identity-enabled Web services. Liberty Federation and Liberty Web Services provide consumers and organizations with a more convenient, privacy respecting and secure way to control online identity information. A list of organizations deploying Liberty Federation and Liberty Web Services is available at The Liberty Alliance management board currently consists of representatives from AOL, Ericsson, Fidelity Investments, France Telecom, General Motors, HP, IBM, Intel, Novell, NTT, Oracle, RSA Security and Sun Microsystems. Membership in Liberty Alliance is open to all commercial and non-commercial organizations. A full list of members, as well as information about how to become a member, is available at


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