Liberty Alliance Announces ‘Access to Identity Enabled Web Services in Inter-Federation Scenarios’ Public Webcast and Whitepaper

Industry Leaders Collaborate to Advance Trusted Inter-Federations Across Regions and Sectors

Liberty Alliance – August 22, 2007 — Liberty Alliance, the global identity consortium working to build a more trusted Internet for consumers, governments and businesses worldwide, today announced the release of a new whitepaper and public webcast, Access to Identity Enabled Web Services in Inter-Federation Scenarios taking place on Wednesday, September 5 at 8 am US PT. The webcast will feature authors of the whitepaper from Ericsson, TeliaSonera and Symlabs and is designed to help developers, organizations and system integrators understand business drivers and options for accessing and managing identity Web services based on secure and trusted inter-federation relationships.

The Access to Identity Enabled Web Services in Inter-Federation Scenarios whitepaper has been edited by Carolina Canales-Valenzuela, Co-chair of Liberty’s Technology Expert Group (TEG) and senior systems manager at Ericsson, and Sampo Kellomäki, identity architect at Symlabs and member of Liberty’s TEG. Contributors include representatives from Intel, Orange, Sun Microsystems, Symlabs and TeliaSonera. Developed as a tool for organizations looking to leverage inter-federations for accessing trusted identity Web services even when there is no business relationship between the service requestor and the service provider, the whitepaper is available for public download.

“Liberty’s webcast and whitepaper leverage the experience of a variety of technical teams and organizations working to advance trusted inter-federations,” said Mikko Laukkanen, senior researcher at TeliaSonera and member of Liberty’s TEG. “These business and technical resources will help organizations understand and achieve the user and business benefits of inter-federations spanning industries and regions.”

About the September 5 Webcast

The Access to Identity Enabled Web Services in Inter-Federation Scenarios webcast is open to all individuals and organizations interested in learning about the business and technology issues involved in successful inter-federations. Based on key points from the whitepaper, Canales-Valenzuela, Kellomäki and Laukkanen will review a 45 minute educational presentation with specific examples from the telecommunications and healthcare sectors. The session will be followed by a15 minute public Q and A. Registration and more information about is available.


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