Liberty Alliance Announces Fifteen New Members

Global membership base further expanded in the telecom, government and authentication sectors

Liberty Alliance Project – February 8, 2006 — The Liberty Alliance Project, the global consortium developing open technical and business standards for federated identity, interoperable strong authentication and identity-enabled Web services, today announced fifteen new members. These new Liberty members represent a variety of industries and market segments and reflect the growing breadth and depth of identity management and identity-enabled Web services implementations worldwide. Joining Liberty for the 2006 calendar year are CallingID, ChoicePoint, Diamelle Technologies, Inc., Falkin Systems LLC, Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT), LogicaCMG, Livo Technologies, MedCommons Inc., National Board of Taxes Finland, OmniBranch, Inc., Phase2 Technology, Purdue University, SSC New Zealand Govt., Telecom Italia SpA and TERENA.

“Members join Liberty Alliance to ensure their organization is represented in the development of open technologies, business and privacy guidelines and best practices for successful identity management,” said George Goodman, president of the Liberty Alliance management board and director, Platform Capabilities Lab at Intel. “After forming the Strong Authentication Expert Group and the Identity Theft Prevention Group in 2005, we are pleased to welcome a variety of new members interested in addressing these and other pressing identity issues head-on in a collaborative and multi-vendor environment.”

Liberty Alliance is the global leader in open federated identity management and the organization responsible for driving interoperable identity solutions on a global basis. Liberty holds regular conformance events around the world to test products for interoperability of Liberty Federation and Liberty Web Services, including SAML 2.0 interoperability.

With leadership in federation, the Liberty management board and individual members are uniquely positioned to further drive successful identity-enabled Web services and interoperable strong authentication. The Liberty Alliance management board currently consists of representatives from AOL, Ericsson, Fidelity Investments, France Telecom, General Motors, HP, IBM, Intel, Novell, Oracle, RSA Security, Sun Microsystems and Vodafone.

Liberty is the only global identity organization with a membership base that includes IT vendors, enterprises, government and educational organizations as well as end user companies. This diverse membership ensures that all output from the Alliance meets the real world business requirements of Liberty members and their partners and customers. Liberty members work collectively to develop non-proprietary identity specifications that interoperate and deliver real business value.

Liberty members choose to participate in expert groups consisting of the Technology Expert Group (TEG), the Business & Marketing Expert Group (BMEG), the Public Policy Expert Group (PPEG) and the recently formed Strong Authentication Group (SAEG). Special interest groups (SIGS) are formed based on member requirements and currently include the Identity Theft Prevention Workgroup, the eHealth SIG, the Payment Services SIG and the Japan SIG. Liberty works closely with other opens standards organizations to expedite the development of open identity solutions and always develops clear market and business requirements before developing any technical specifications.

About the Liberty Alliance Project
The Liberty Alliance Project is a global alliance of companies, non-profit and government organizations developing open standards for federated network identity, interoperable strong authentication (ID-SAFE) and Web services (ID-WSF). Liberty Federation, which consists of ID-FF 1.1, ID-FF 1.2 and SAML 2.0 specifications, offers organizations and consumers a more convenient and secure way to control online identity information and is deployed worldwide by organizations that include American Express, AOL, BIPAC, Ericsson, General Motors, France Telecom, Nokia, NTT and Sun Microsystems. Liberty Alliance is the only global identity organization with a Public Policy Expert Group (PPEG) offering guidance and best practices on privacy within all Liberty deployments. Membership is open to all commercial and non-commercial organizations. A full list of Liberty Alliance members, as well as information about how to become a member, is available at



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