Liberty Alliance Continues Aggressive Growth; Expands Membership Base With Seven New Members

Liberty Identity Web Services Specifications Attract Key Players in Digital Imaging and Document Technology, Security and Telecom Markets

Liberty Alliance, Tokyo – October 18, 2004 – The Liberty Alliance, the global consortium developing an open federated identity standard and business tools for implementing federated identity and identity-based Web services, today announced that seven organizations have joined Liberty Alliance, including leading identity management, application security, mobile and wireless security, telecommunications and research companies, as well as the world-leading digital imaging, design and document technology company. Three companies joined the Liberty Alliance at the sponsor level, one at the affiliate level, one at the associate level, and two previous members have re-joined at the associate level.

New members have expressed significant interest in the Liberty Alliance Identity Web Services specifications to solve existing business needs, and plan to use the specifications for applications that are new to the Liberty Alliance, such as Digital Rights Management. Adobe Systems has joined the Liberty Alliance as a sponsor member, and plans to bring Liberty’s benefits down to the document level. Working with the Liberty Alliance, Adobe will strengthen document security by adding federated identities, making it easier for businesses to employ document services for meeting compliance and regulatory mandates to protect individual privacy.

Additional new sponsor members include OpenNetwork Technologies, specializing in end-to-end identity management solutions, and Senforce Technologies, developing location-aware security software for mobile and wireless computers. OpenNetwork seeks to remedy the key pain points of today’s enterprises while helping companies capitalize on existing technology investments. Senforce recognizes the importance of a standards-based approach to federated authentication and seeks to actively contribute to building global awareness of privacy and privacy-friendly approaches.

These new members bring to the Liberty Alliance a wealth of expertise in the identity management and mobile security markets, and demonstrate the Alliance’s continued ability to attract industry leaders at a sponsor level. As industry leaders continue to understand that federation is the foundation to meaningful Web services, they seek out the Liberty Alliance as a forum to come together to build identity into electronic communications and transactions.

“Market leaders recognize that federation is the foundation to solid web services, and as such they want to participate in efforts to drive adoption of a standards-based identity architecture,” said Donal O’Shea, Executive Director, Liberty Alliance. “This latest wave of new members was specifically drawn to the Liberty Alliance Identity Web Services specifications as a means to work more efficiently with business partners, customers, and employees. We welcome the added expertise and valuable contributions our newest members will bring to Liberty specifications and expert groups.”

As sponsors, members help define, contribute and receive access to the latest federated identity technical specifications as well as business and policy guidelines, which helps them to create new business opportunities, increase security and reduce deployment costs. Liberty’s membership includes many end-user companies in addition to vendors, and this structure has led to success in delivering standards that meet early adopters’ real-world requirements, which plays a critical role in helping members to solidify business deals.

· Additionally, telecommunications company Telewest Broadband, identity management companies M-Tech Information Technology and OpenNetwork Technologies, application security company Deny All, as well as Danish research institute company DAI-Labor, have joined the Liberty Alliance. These companies expand Liberty’s reach into diverse markets, and mark continued traction in established markets. The total number of active Liberty Alliance members is 161.

About the Liberty Alliance Project
The Liberty Alliance Project ( is an alliance of more than 150 companies, non-profit and government organizations from around the globe. The consortium is committed to developing an open standard for federated network identity that supports all current and emerging network devices. Federated identity offers businesses, governments, employees and consumers a more convenient and secure way to control identity information in today’s digital economy, and is a key component in driving the use of e-commerce, personalized data services, as well as web-based services. Membership is open to all commercial and non-commercial organizations.


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