Alliance Receives More Than 100 Inquiries From Commercial and Non-Profit Organizations After Opening Associate and Affiliate Level Membership

San Francisco, Calif. – In conjunction with today’s launch of the Liberty Alliance version 1.0 specifications, the Liberty Alliance also announced 26 more organizations that have recently joined as new sponsor, associate and affiliate members. These new members, representing Europe, North America and Asia and a variety of industries and audiences, will broaden the collective expertise of the Alliance. They will also help further the Alliance’s goals of developing open, interoperable specifications for federated network identity.

The Liberty Alliance Project currently has more than 65 members. The new members (in alphabetical order) are: Aconite Technology, AGEA Corporation, Cauldron Solutions, CheckFree Corporation, Commerce One, Inc., Communicator Inc., ConnecTerra Inc., Consignia PLC, Critical Path, ECsoft Group, Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (IESE), Helsinki Institute of Physics, M-Tech Mercury Information Technology Inc., Netegrity, Inc., NeuStar, National Institute of Urban Search and Rescue, NetGeo, PeopleSoft, Radicchio Consortium, SK Telecom, Skytech Solutions LLC, Software Information Industry Association, Stabsstelle IKT-Strategie des Bundes, Austria, Universität Hamburg, Waveset Technologies, Inc., and Xerox Corporation.

The Liberty Alliance version 1.0 specifications are the first set of open federated network identity specifications from this cross-industry consortium that was formed less than a year ago. The specifications focus on interoperability between systems to enable opt-in account linking and simplified sign-on functionality. The Liberty Alliance also released information today on its next set of identity specifications already in the early stages of development, which build and expand on version 1.0. Please visit for more details on this announcement.

New Sponsor Members

* Consignia PLC – Consignia owns the trusted brands Royal Mail, Post Office™ and Parcelforce Worldwide which provides a range of vital distribution services in the U.K. and worldwide.
* Communicator Inc. – Communicator Inc. connects people within and across organizations with its Communicator Hub suite of secure electronic communications products and services.
* Netegrity, Inc. – Netegrity is the access, identity and portal management company that delivers a single, secure, and personalized point of entry to the enterprise and a single point of administration for enterprise-wide Web-based services.
* NeuStar – NeuStar is a proven, neutral third-party provider of directory and clearinghouse services for the Internet and telecommunications industries.
* SK Telecom – SK Telecom is the largest mobile operator in Korea, serving over 16 million Korean subscribers.

New Affiliate Members

* Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering – The Fraunhofer Institute is a competence center for applied research and technology transfer in software engineering.
* Helsinki Institute of Physics – The Helsinki Institute of Physics is a physics research institute covering a wide range of subjects in theoretical physics, experimental particle physics and software development for experiment data analysis.
* The National Institute for Urban Search and Rescue – NIUSR is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving disaster preparedness and response through public awareness, collaboration, research and technology evaluation.
* Radicchio Consortium – Radicchio is a non-profit organization that brings together market leaders to establish a common foundation for secure, wireless e-commerce, and actively promotes these solutions once consensus has been reached on important interoperability issues.
* Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) -SIIA is the principal trade association for the software and digital content industry, providing global services in government relations, business development, corporate education and intellectual property protection.
* Stabsstelle IKT-Strategie des Bundes, Austria – The IKT-Stabsstelle coordinates IT and communication technology for the federal administration in Austria, acts as advisor for the federal IT-board, and develops a common and secure foundation for e-Government.
* Universität Hamburg – The department for Distributed Systems and Information Systems (VSIS) of University of Hamburg has a long history of doing research in various kinds of distributed systems software including e-commerce and middleware.

New Associate Members

* Aconite Technology – Aconite is a global consultancy and software provider delivering solutions and expertise in the smart card, e-Trust and security spaces.
* AGEA Corporation – AGEA Corporation™ is a provider of real-time communication solutions for the enterprise that provides access to enterprise information, increases customer responsiveness and facilitates interactions between systems, employees, partners and customers.
* Cauldron Solutions – Cauldron is a software and services firm with profile management, subscriber management and enhanced billing solutions for advanced cable systems and media companies.
* CheckFree Corporation – CheckFree offers a range of services and products, enabling more than 6.3 million consumers to receive and pay bills over the Internet or electronically through a variety of bill aggregation points.
* Commerce One, Inc. – Commerce One, the Business Internet Company, enables organizations to reduce costs and drive productivity by automating business processes between buyers and suppliers.
* ConnecTerra Inc. – ConnecTerra is developing the architecture, standards, and software products for real-time, bidirectional, and identity-based connectivity between enterprises and their globally distributed devices.
* Critical Path, Inc. – Critical Path provides messaging and collaboration solutions, as well as identity management solutions that simplify user profile management and strengthen information security.
* ECsoft Group – ECsoft is a European IT consultancy and systems integrator, investing in and using innovative global concepts, processes and technologies to help commercial and public sector organizations transform their business visions into technical reality.
* M-Tech Mercury Information Technology Inc. – M-Tech is a security software and services company whose identity management suite of products streamlines password management and user account provisioning.
* NetGeo – NetGeo provides secure login authentication software products that help businesses protect the privacy and integrity of their customers’ information.
* PeopleSoft – PeopleSoft’s pure Internet enterprise software enables organizations to reduce costs and increase productivity by directly connecting customers, suppliers, partners and employees to business processes on-line, in real time.
* Skytech Solutions LLC – Skytech Solutions develops and implements comprehensive software solutions for the transportation industry, with a special focus on aviation.
* Waveset Technologies, Inc. – Waveset is a leading provider of identity management solutions that enable secure control over access to business assets across enterprise, intranet and extranet environments.
* Xerox Corporation – Xerox Corporation offers an array of innovative document solutions, services and systems — including color and black-and-white printers, digital presses, multifunction devices and digital copiers — designed for offices and production-printing environments, as well as associated supplies, software and support

About Sponsor, Associate and Affiliate Level Membership
The Liberty Alliance welcomes any commercial or non-commercial organization to join as members. Sponsor members are able to attend and vote in any of the various expert groups within the Alliance, focusing on technology development, marketing and public policy issues. Sponsor members have the ability to access and comment on draft specifications and proposals prior to public release, and are able to attend the all-sponsor meetings held quarterly. The next all-sponsor meeting will be held in October 2002.

Affiliate level membership is open only to not-for-profits and government groups. There are no membership fees for affiliates. Associate level membership is open to any company interested in participating in the Alliance but not wishing to participate at a sponsor level. Associate membership fees are $1,000 USD per year.

Affiliate and Associate members have the ability to review and comment on draft specifications and other output prior to public release. They may also attend special meetings held twice a year to receive updates and offer input on the strategic direction of the Liberty Alliance and the progress of the specifications. The next all-member meeting will be held in the third quarter of 2002.

For more information on becoming a member or to sign-up, please visit

About the Liberty Alliance Project
The Liberty Alliance Project ( is an alliance of more than 60 technology and consumer organizations formed to develop and deploy open, federated network identification specifications that support all current and emerging network devices in the digital economy. Federated identity will help drive the next generation of the Internet, offering businesses and consumers convenience and choice. Membership is open to all commercial and non-commercial organizations.

Founding members of the Alliance are: American Express, AOL Time Warner, Bell Canada, Citigroup, France Telecom, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard Company, MasterCard International, Nokia, NTT DoCoMo, Openwave Systems, RSA Security, Sony Corporation, Sun Microsystems, United Airlines and Vodafone.

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