The Concordia Program, an open community initiative, is designed as an umbrella initiative to drive harmonization and interoperability of identity specifications and protocols. As expressed by the name (Roman goddess of agreement, understanding, and harmony), the goal of this group is to help drive the development of use-case scenarios where multiple identity specifications, standards and/or other initiatives might co-exist, recognizing heterogeneous deployment environments of the marketplace. Based on this open knowledge gathering process, the group recognizes that additional specifications, profiles and/or services may need to be defined. The group’s goals are as follows:

  • Drive development of a ubiquitous, interoperable, privacy-respecting layer for identity in order to:
    • Help drive deployment costs down
    • Assure implementers and deployers of better success and greater productivity
    • Lead to more commercial products and open source offerings, in turn leading to a healthy market
    • Facilitate new service offerings
  • Assure interoperability across this layer
    • Deliver confidence to implementers and deployers in implementing today with successful interoperability tomorrow
  • Encourage strong, cross-sector, cross-geography participation through an open development process


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