The Web Services Harmonization SIG recognizes that various deployers and developers share a common goal to harmonize ID-WSF and WS-Trust. The goal of this SIG is to expediently identify and document the use cases that drive this harmonization need, and will serve to prioritize the technical work that will ultimately be done in another forum(s). Another key goal of this SIG is to come to a consensus on where the technical work will take place that meets the industry harmonization requirements as captured in the initial slate of approved use cases.

The founding SIG participants recognize that deployers are working in an ever-evolving heterogeneous environment that requires interoperability of identity services (i.e. identity- and SOA-enabled applications), both internal and external to the enterprise. In order to advance the identity-enabled marketplace — specifically application domains that rely upon identity-based web services — this SIG will:

  • Become an active public discussion forum for the collection, development, and analysis of use cases that are met by ID-WSF leveraging WS-Trust composability and functionality.
  • Develop a detailed public roadmap that provides recommended next actions to the current stewards of the ID-WSF and WS-Trust standards (i.e. the Liberty Alliance Technology Expert Group and OASIS WSSX TC, respectively) for the technical work required.
  • Foster awareness of and participation in this harmonization effort from the broadest industry cross-section possible, both the near-term use case phase taking place in this SIG, the mid-term specification harmonization phase and the long-term adoption of the resulting harmonized web services stack.

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