Several sets of Frequently Asked Questions are available here by topic:

People Service

Liberty’s People Service provides users with tools for managing all of their online social relationships within an open federated network environment.

Technical Points

These FAQs address a variety of technical issues related to our specifications.

ID Theft Prevention Group

Solving identity theft and fraud issues is of great interest to Liberty Alliance, and many solutions are offered in the standards and policy guidelines that have been published. This special interest group comprised of all levels of membership focuses on immediate solutions.


With well over one billion Liberty enabled identities and devices already deployed, there can be no doubt that Liberty’s identity specifications are the world’s most widely deployed standards for managing non-proprietary federated identity management and identity-enabled Web services.

Strong Authentication

Stronger authentication has become a top priority for many Liberty members as well as for organizations and consumers around the world. The formation of the Strong Authentication Expert Group is a natural addition to Liberty’s mission of addressing “all things identity” and was formed to speed the deployment of interoperable strong authentication on a global basis.


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