Understanding identity takes a thorough look at policy, market drivers and technology. This section provides pointers to some of the top resources to help jumpstart your understanding…..quickly. Check here often as this content will be regularly updated to our most popular resources.

1. Does Liberty have any applicability with social networks?
Liberty ID-WSF People Service – Federated Social Identity

2. What are key identity theft threats and mitigations?
Liberty Alliance Whitepaper: Identity Theft Primer

3. What are key policy considerations with federated deployments?
Deployment Guidelines for Policy Decision Makers

4.What best practices are there for privacy and security?
Privacy and Security Best Practices

5. What are the business drivers and use cases for identity web services?
Deployment Workshop Web Services Intro – Roger Sullivan, Oracle

6. What business issues do Liberty standards address?
Business Implications Of Liberty Technologies

7. How can I get a quick technical overview of the specs?
Liberty Tutorial

8. How can I get a quick understanding of Liberty Identity Web Services?

9. When and where can I learn more about Liberty?

10. How can I talk to others who care about identity?


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