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Edition Seven Features

In this Winter issue, you’ll find articles that look at how Liberty is gaining traction around the world including:

  • Case studies on two IDDY Award winners: NTT Labs and Rearden Commerce
  • Snapshots of three services deployments
  • A roundup of SAML and LIberty-related podcasts and videos
  • A graphic of the Teleco Ecosystem that Illustrates how Liberty members are playing an ever-evolving leadership role in this space

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Liberty Alliance January 2008 Newsletter

January 2008 Liberty Alliance newsletter; news of recent and forthcoming developments and activities on a monthly basis: Telenor whitepaper, Health Identity Management SIG kick-off call, Approved SAML 2 Interoperability test procedures, and more.

Liberty Alliance December 2007 Newsletter

December 2007 Liberty Alliance newsletter; news of recent and forthcoming developments and activities on a monthly basis. Highlighting new case studies, specification, whitepapers, and more.

Liberty Alliance November 2007 newsletter

Liberty Alliance is pleased to share news of recent and forthcoming developments and activities on a monthly basis. Highlighting new case studies, whitepapers, Identity Assurance Expert Group participation, and more.

Edition Six Features

The Fall issue of the Liberty Alliance Global Adoption Newsletter–our biggest to date–focuses on e-government and the considerable adoption traction in that sector. Highlights include:

  • A case study on New Zealand’s SAML 2.0 deployment
  • A map of Liberty e-government adoption worldwide
  • Updates on new workshops, collaborations, and events
  • A short piece on how Korea is using a celebrity boy band to promote their e-government work
  • An FAQ about IGF–which has great application in eGovernment and industry at large

Edition Five Features

This edition is all about the future–and where Liberty is driving change and seeing adoption.

This issue features an article on Intel’s Identity Capable Platform. This exciting new project which is coming out of Intel’s Technology Lab is designed to empower all platforms including laptops, servers and cell phones to have a different and smarter relationship to digital identity.

We also talk with Christina Stephan, MD, the vice chair of Liberty’s eHealth SIG. Dr. Stephan shares her thoughts on Liberty and the future of healthcare.

In the adoption snapshots section, we take a look at three new deployers: the State of California, Italy’s Motor Vehicles Department, and Pay By Touch, a biometrics example.

Edition Four Features

This issue features the TeleCompetition Group study, the Fidelity Project, a feature on the ITU-International Telecommunications Union and mobile work of Telefonica Moviles.

Edition Three Features

This edition is “All About The IDDY,” Liberty’s award for excellence in identity management presented in Sept. 2006.

This issue features a story on how the IDDY evolved, what it represents and how the winners were chosen. Also included are individual case studies on each of 2006 IDDY winners: EduTech, T-Online and the UK Government. In addition, we profile the IDDY Award artist, Kristian Iglesias who shares his thoughts on visually representing the concept of trust.

Edition Two Features

  • A case study on eBiz.mobility and their innovative work in federated telco billing.
  • The Authentication Imperative: a piece written by Roger Sullivan that recently ran in US Banker. Roger serves as the vice president of Liberty Alliance’s management board and is the vice president of business development at Oracle’s Identity Management Solutions.
  • An interview with Bill Donner, the CEO of MedCommons, a company that is quietly revolutionizing the way medical records are transported and exchanged
  • Two ROI snapshots: Intel and the Finnish Tax Board share their measurable federation successes.

Edition One Features

  • Intel FAQ: a talk with Intel executives, John Butare and Michael Hatten about Intel ‘ s comprehensive single sign-on projects
  • BIPAC Case Study: a look the nation ‘ s first business-oriented political action committee ‘ s use of federation
  • E-Government Adoption Snapshot: a breakout of how and where government organizations around the world are deploying Liberty standards

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