Technical Comparison: OpenID and SAML – 1/2008

The analysis in this document, completed by Jeff Hodges of Neustar, demonstrates that the OpenID Authentication specification and the SAML Web Browser SSO Profile appear to offer very similar functionality. Though one cannot directly compare the OpenID Authentication specification to the overall abstract SAML framework itself. We said “appear to offer” in the foregoing because there are some detailed aspects of the SAML Web Browser SSO Profile, e.g. explicit privacy provisions, that OpenID Authentication does not presently provide.

•  Technical Comparison of SAML 2.0 and OpenID >

Next Generation of Digital Identity (Telenor Whitepaper) – 1/2008

While traditional paper based identity and digital identity share the same fundamentals and aim towards similar goals, they nevertheless have some significant differences. This paper provides a high level introduction to the fundamentals of Identity – its technical constituents, its requirements, and its risks. It closes with an explanation of how Project Liberty provides solutions to many of the issues raised by next generation digital identities.

•  Next Generation of Digital Identity (Telenor Whitepaper) >

Simplifying Federation Management with the Federation Router (HP Whitepaper) – 11/2007

A federated identity system puts the real world trust between cooperating organizations into digital action. Using time honored security techniques of SSL and digital signatures it enables a user to benefit from single sign-on across organizational boundaries without requiring either a central user repository or any additional technology at the user end. In a federated identity system, an organizational entity (typically by means of a server) asserts the identity of an authenticated user. This whitepaper provides an introduction to federation, illustrating capabilities of the HP Federation Router.

•  HP SF Router whitepaper.pdf 750.73 kB

Burton Group Publishes Federated Identity Case Studies – 12/2003

Click here to register for complimentary access to Burton Group’s Methodologies and Best Practices document featuring case studies from American Express, Boeing, General Motors, Nationwide Insurance, Nokia, Procter & Gamble, and more.

•   Burton Group Publishes Federated Identity Case Studies >

Sun Liberty Architecture and Security Overviews – 2/2003

This document provides an overview of the Liberty Version 1 specifications. It briefly discusses some of the underlying technologies, including HTTP, the establishment of Web connections, and SSL. Liberty version 1 technologies are presented in overview, along with a brief discussion of Liberty security characteristics, including a review of the risks in single sign-on systems.

•  Sun Liberty Architecture and Security Overviews >

HP Federated Identity Whitepaper (PDF) – 12/2003

This paper explores the concepts of digital identity management, examines industry driving trends, discusses various models of deployment, and shines light on the work of the Liberty Alliance Project as a basis for a comprehensive solution.

•  HP Federated Identity Whitepaper (PDF) >

Trustgenix Whitepaper: Enabling Single Sign-On Through Identity Federation – 12/2003

Explains how federated identity or identity federation can eliminate password barriers across enterprises or within an enterprise. Provides a high–level overview of the Liberty Alliance standards and explains the various issues that customers can face in adopting identity federation.

•  Trustgenix Whitepaper: Enabling Single Sign-On Through Identity Federation >

Web Services Demonstration Video (2.8mb WMV) – 12/2003

This video shows how the user can be authenticated, discover, and consume the AOL streaming radio services, with a one-click-access and with a Nokia 6600/6620. Pilot done in collaboration with AOL, Nokia, SUN, and Trustgenix.

Nokia Web Services Framework for Devices – 12/2003

A whitepaper describing the Nokia Web Services Framework for devices, suitable for technical personnel, developers, and everybody else who wants a technical introduction to the Liberty-enabled identity Web services device solution.

•  Web_Services_Nokia.pdf 1.02 MB

Entrust Whitepaper: Implications of Federated Identity Formats – 12/1969

If identity information is to flow across boundaries, it must carry information about the principal with which it is associated. Consequently, the different organizations need to be able to agree on how to identify their principals to one another. This paper explores issues associated with different mechanisms/formats for this identifier.

•  Implications of Federated Identity Formats >

Your Customers Benefit with Bluewin Identity Provider – 6/2004

Technical Description On Bluewin Service Identity Provider – 5/2004

Nokia Web Services: Helping Operators Mobilize the Internet – 12/2003

This whitepaper focuses on the opportunities for mobile network operators.

•  WS_Operators_A4_0408.pdf 1.13 MB

Turkcell: A GSM Operators Service Network and the Subscribers Identity – 12/2004

This paper aims to summarize the study of a wireless operators service network and its ecosystem for creating and delivering mobile services with strong identity and privacy protection concerns. Available mainstream specifications and off-the-shelf products that are compliant with these specifications have been used during this work.

•  turkcell_sun.pdf 934.74 kB

Positioning Federated Identity for the UK Government – 1/2005

Identity Management in the public sector is linked to a multitude of aims, principles and expected benefits. This paper sets out Sun Microsystems’TM Identity Management strategy, relating it to the Federated Identity architecture of the Liberty Alliance, and illustrating Sun’sTM experience of public sector identity management projects.


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