Liberty Alliance Deployment Workshop, Paris: Dec. 2005

This workshop was geared to deployers in France, and features an overall presentation introducing federation and the business benefits it offers, as well as case study presentations from ADAE (French Government), France Telecom, and Bibliotèque Nationale de France.


Liberty Alliance Deployment Workshop, Paris: Dec. 2005, 12/08/2005, Paris

Case Study: France Telecom
Presented by Alexandre Nolle, R&D; Identity Program Manager of France Telecom
France Telecom used a Liberty-based solution to consolidate third party service catalogues across seven countries. The resulting deployment, which touches 71M customers, moves them from an account-centric to a user-centric model, with the customer is at the heart of his personal universe. The goal was increased customer satisfaction (far easier usage) and increased business opportunities with reduced costs. All goals have been achieved.

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Case Study: Bibliotèque Nationale de France
Presented by Cédric Ouvry of Ingénieur d’études
This presentation, written in French, presents a case study on the Bibliotèque Nationale de France’s use of Liberty standards to achieve single sign on for its patrons and employees, resulting in greater privacy, security and cost savings.

Case Study: ADAE
Presented by Benoît Bout of ADAE
“Mon service-public” was developed by ADAE (a division of the French Government) to be accessible from the portal. It will enable every citizen to set up his or her own home page to access all the online public services of concern to him or her. Users will thus be able to access all their official paperwork. “Mon service-public” will incorporate the services developed by the administrations (taxes account, family benefits, etc…) and those developed by the ADAE (change of address, applications for certificates from the civil register, etc…). A “personal space” (briefcase / e-safe) can be used for storage of personal data and dematerialized official documents (diplomas, civil register certificates, etc…) which the user can obtain from the civil service and submit to the authorities to complete other procedures. This case study presentation explores this Liberty-based solution.

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Business Issues Related to the Deployment of Federated Identity Management and Circles of Trust
Presented by Fulup Ar Foll, Master Architect of Global Software Practice, Sun Microsystems
This presentation explores the business drivers of federated identity and the development of Circles of Trust to facilitate secure, private transmissions.

•  Sun_Microsystems.pdf 1.07 MB
Introduction to the Liberty Alliance Architecture for Business Executives
Presented by Timo Skytta, Vice President Liberty Alliance, Director, Web Services of Nokia Technology Platforms
Overview of the Liberty Alliance structure, goals, work groups, and futures. Orientation to the workshop, which focuses on business and policy aspects of digital, identity implementations, real-life case studies to talk about benefits and challenges of identity federation.

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