Mobile Deployment Workshop 3GSM 2007

Presentations from Sun, Orange-FT, Telia Sonera, Ericsson, NEC, Vodafone and others make the case for the role of identity in the telecommunications space and the opportunities for those leading the way.


Liberty Alliance Mobile Deployment Workshop, 3GSM Barcelona 2007, 02/14/2007, Barclelo Sants Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

Mobile Deployment Workshop 3GSM 2007: Introduction
Presented by Andrew Shikiar of Liberty Alliance
An introduction to the Liberty Alliance, its membership, its goals and how to become involved.

Mobile Deployment Workshop 3GSM 2007: Identity Federation in the eGovernment Field, Including ePrescription Project
Presented by Ignacio Alamillio of Agencia Catalana De Certificacio
The Catalan Health Service has implemented an ePrescription project, which is up and running in a real production environment based on Liberty standards. This presentation explores the implementation, project goals, and strategies pursued to make this a successful, private, and secure deployment.

Mobile Deployment Workshop 3GSM 2007: Demand for Identity Services
Presented by Paola Tonelli of Vodafone
The results of a study, commissioned by Liberty Alliance and completed by Telecompetition, are shared, with a focus on the quantitative opportunity within telecommunications for operators who understand and are capitalizing on identity trends. For those who are not following a standardized solution, it also services as a wake up call to potential future lost revenues.

Mobile Deployment Workshop 3GSM 2007: FIDELITY Project: A Multi-Organization, Multi-Region Case Study
Presented by Antoine De Poorter & Mikko Laukkanen of Ericsson & Telia Sonera
The FIDELITY Project is a cooperative R&D; project sponsored by EUREKA/CELTIC and several European governments, begun in April 2005 and concluded in December 2006. This presentation details FIDELITY’s efforts to define identity-based use cases that included governments, businesses and non-profit organizations, with a focus on privacy and security. Many valuable lessons learned are shared.

Mobile Deployment Workshop 3GSM 2007: Why Do Operators Need Digital Identities?
Presented by Aude Pichelin of Orange-France Telecom
The key challenges facing operators dealing with “the identity challenge” is explored in this presentation, which builds the case for standards. France Telecom’s deployment is explored as a use case in understanding the challenges and opportunities.

Mobile Deployment Workshop 3GSM 2007: Approaches to Digital Identities in NGN
Presented by Amardeo Sarma of NEC
Exploration of current identity fragmentation on the network and industry efforts to converge identities, making them interoperable across networks and platforms. NEC’s “Virtual Identity” effort is explored and its application in a federated implementation.

Mobile Deployment Workshop 3GSM 2007: Role of Identity in the Mobile Community
Presented by Fulup Ar Foll of Sun Microsystems
This presentation is an excellent introduction to the Liberty Alliance specifications, examining use cases that drive the standards development, with an emphasis on privacy. It also introduces ID-WSF 2.0, exploring key features.


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