Washington DC – eHealth Workshop

This workshop, dedicated to exploring the role of identity in eHealth, was organized by the Liberty Alliance and presented in April 2006. It includes a variety of thought provoking presentations by leaders in the field.


eHealth Identity Workshop, Washington DC: April 2006, 04/26/2006, Washington DC

E-Authentication Initiative: Identity Federation for the Federal Government
Presented by David Temoshok, Director of Identity Policy and Management, GSA Office of Governmentwide Policy
This presentation explores the E-Authentication initiative and its role in US Federal Government. he E-Authentication technical approach dictates that there is no single proprietary solution, users have choice from a variety of commerical off-the-shelf products, interoperability of those products, and requires privacy protection of personal information.

Interoperability and Scalability: Security, Identity Management and Trust in Health Information Exchange
Presented by Pete Palmer, Security/PKI Architect of Wells Fargo HIMSS RHIO Federation Work Group Lead
HIMSS has advanced a framework for strategic action for healthcare in the US that calls for interconnection of clinicians, and achieve three goals: 1) identify interoperability as a major milestone for achieving improved healthcare delivery; 2) encourage regional healthcare information organizations (RHIOs); and 3) a national health information network.

IHE Cross-enterprise User Authentication Profile, and eAuthentication in the Federated Environment
Presented by Lori Reed-Fourquet, MS, Principal of e-HealthSign LLC
IHE is a joint initiative to improve systems integration that brings together clinicians and vendors. This presentation details their efforts, their timeline, and overall goals to achieve through this initiative.

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Leveraging Collaboration and Advancing Health IT Interoperability
Presented by Marc Wine, Program Analyst of Health IT General Services Administration Office of Intergovernmental Solutionn
The mission of the GSA is to foster collaboration amongst various government organizations and initiatives. This is very key in the healthcare focus, where GSA is driving 1) sharing of knowledge of strategies for implementing collaborative health IT projects; 2) raising awareness of challenges facing large healthcare systems when implementing IT; and 3) identifying examples of projects, benefits and lessons learned on collaboration for data and information exchange with high-performance health IT systems.

Security and Privacy: Leveraging Public-Private Partnerships
Presented by William R. Braithwaite, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of eHealth Initiative and Foundation
This presentation covers security and privacy fundamentals for all eHealth activities and presents a comprehensive on-line, interactive resource that walks the healthcare community through the seven critical components of success.

Framework for Strategic Action NHIN, Fostering Regional Collaborations
Presented by Lammot DuPonte, Program Manager of Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, Department of Health and Human Services
Collaboration is key if secure and private eHealth is to be achieved. This presentation explores the framework for encouraging and achieving this regional collaboration.


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