Liberty Alliance ID-WSF 1.1 Specifications

Liberty Alliance ID-WSF 1.1 Specifications – Complete ZIP File : Contains all ID-WSF 1.1 Final and Draft Specifications and supporting documents.

Liberty Alliance ID-WSF 1.1 Specifications – Individual Specifications

  • Liberty ID-WSF Security & Privacy Overview
    liberty-idwsf-security-privacy-overview-v1.0.pdf : Provides an overview of the security and privacy issues in ID-WSF technology and briefly explains potential security and privacy ramifications of the technology used in ID-WSF. It is assumed that the audience is familiar with the Liberty Identity Federation Framework..
  • Liberty ID-WSF Client Profiles Specification
    liberty-idwsf-client-profiles-v1.1.pdf : Specifies profiles for some cases where a client performs an active role in such transactions, other than performing the functions of a standard browser.
  • Liberty ID-WSF 1.1 Static Conformance Requirements
    liberty-idwsf-1.1-scr-v1.0.pdf : Defines what features are mandatory and optional for implementations conforming to this version of the Liberty Alliance Specifications.
  • Liberty ID-WSF Data Services Template Specification
    liberty-idwsf-dst-v1.1.pdf : Provides a protocol template for the querying and modifying of data attributes when implementing a data service using the Liberty Identity Web Services Framework (ID-WSF).

  • Liberty ID-WSF Authentication Service Specification
    liberty-idwsf-authn-svc-v1.1.pdf : Defines a SASL-based ID-WSF Authentication Protocol, along with an ID-WSF Authentication Service and ID-WSF Single Sign-On Service, based on the Authentication Protocol.

  • Liberty ID-WSF Implementation Guidelines
    draft-liberty-idwsf-guidelines-v1.0-12.pdf : A non-normative summary description of the Liberty ID-WSF architecture, including examples, lessons learned, and best practices.
  • Liberty ID-WSF Architecture Overview
    liberty-idwsf-overview-v1.1.pdf : This primer is a non-normative document intended to provide an overview of the relevant features of the Liberty ID-WSF Version 1.1 Specifications.

Liberty Alliance Specifications – Support Documents and Utility Schema Files

This folder contains all the support documents and utility schema files used in the various Liberty Alliance Specifications.

Liberty Alliance Specifications – Developer Resources, Feedback, and Policies

This folder contains information and links to developer resources, feedback mechanisms, and policies associated with the Liberty specifications.


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